Friday, June 2, 2023

New Release Just A Cowboy's Live Song by Jessie Gussman


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Today is release day for Just a Cowboy's Love Song!

 From Jessie's newsletter . . . 

I am SO excited about this release for a couple of reasons. The first is we have a recipe in this one from the winner of the recipe contest in the Chat. Jonna also has a cameo with her husband in the story. I had a ton of fun writing that and corresponding with Jonna, who is such a dear. And I have to say, Jay picked a fabulous recipe for the winner (and he made it on the preview on Tuesday if you missed it - the recipe is there on Say with Jay).

Also, Jay sings a hymn in this one and it is just absolutely amazing. I was completely blow away when I heard and I know you all will be too.

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