Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beginners Raised Bed Gardening--Matt Riley-Book Review

                                 Product Details
I was excited to have the opportunity to read this book when it
was offered as a 'free book' at Amazon. 

It's 5 chapters, introduction and conclusion is complete in and easy to read in 388 pages. 

There is some good information.  

And a few photo's.  The lack of photo's was what really sealed it's fate with me.   There are a few.  Exactly three in the first chapter of different types of raised beds including tires, wooden and cinder block beds. 

The introduction of wooden beds made no suggestion to the type of wood or even how to build a bed.  There is one suggestion about reinforcing the wooden corners.  

Overall I was just  not too excited about this book and I'm glad that I received it free.   

It is available at Amazon for free to Kindle unlimited or  $2.99 for purchase. 


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