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Catching The Cowgirl by Jennie Marts-Book Review

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About the book (provided by Tasty Tours)
California video game designer Adam Clark knows that, in his business, authenticity is the key. So, for their newest Western adventure game, he and his partners decide to try out Cowboy Camp. Only Adam’s friends never arrive, leaving him a bit—okay, a lot—preoccupied, trying to resist the gorgeous cowgirl who owns the ranch.
Single mom Skye Hawkins is too busy trying to keep her family’s dude ranch out of the red to even think about romance. But she’s having trouble avoiding Adam. He’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s funny…and he’s hot! Maybe it’s the mountain air, but she finds herself letting down her guard. And the fireworks are definitely worth it.
The only problem—they live in totally different worlds. Still, Adam is nothing if not resourceful. Sure, he wants to catch the cowgirl. But more importantly, he needs to find a way to keep her.
200 Pgs. |Heat: 3 | Series Info
Entangled Lovestruck| Rel: July 3, 2017
And I thought
I always love me a good Cowboy story especially if it's a romance. 

With that said I wasn't sure how I would like a non Cowboy hero. 
But Adam can just take your breathe away.  Just ask Skye!

For the reader both Skye and Adam were easy to like.  Skye was the typical sweet girl with a sad past working her tail end off to make it.  

Adam was the typical great guy with a great career that just doesn't fit it.  But it doesn't take him long to realize that leaving the cool mountain air and Skye isn't happening!  

There is a little drama mixed in when the would be suitor neighbor try's keep in good standing with Skye while being a little underhanded.  

This was truly a sweet romance. With a happy ending. Just the kind of read that a girl likes.   A quick read that just makes you smile!

Catching The Cowgirl is book 3 in the Cotton Creek series.
I am sorry I've missed the first two!  They are on my to read list!

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