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Book Review-Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl

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About the book 
A serial killer attacks Kate O’Brien and her twin sister. Kate survived and was able to draw a clear picture of the attacker which convicted the suspect. She has been in witness protection for her own safety, until she is subpoenaed to testify in a new trial and requests Deputy U.S. Marshal Tony DeLuca escort her. A new development in the case puts Kate at risk again.  Tony must keep her away from the trial before anyone else gets attacked. 

And I thought 
This is the kind of book I really enjoy.  Give me a good clean thriller with just a touch of romance and I happily intrigued for a few hours.  I tend to read this kind of book without putting it down.  
Dark Deception is book 2 in the Defenders of Justice series. 
Book 1 is a totally different book.  Each is stand alone.  I did 
not read book 1 but the synopsis doesn't read like the characters cross over.  
Dark Deception was indeed a keep you on the edge of your set 
twisty turvey story.  It had a very complex storyline that I didn't expect.  It's not a story with lots of suspects to wade through 
to discover the real villain.  It is a story filled with multiple villains.  Frankly I was a bit confused.  
The main characters Tony and Kate were likeable. 
There is a death toll.  A few of the villains are 'taken out'.  Kate's 
coworker meets her end as well.  
There are no graphic violent scenes, no language and romantic scenes.  
If your a lover of Christian thrillers this is one for you. 
For the person just wanting a good clean book you'll enjoy it too.
It is not overly proselytizing.  
It's just a good clean thrilling ride. 

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. 
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