Friday, March 2, 2018

Crossing the Goal Line by Kim Findley

Crossing the Goal Line (A Hockey Romance) by [Findlay, Kim]

About the book 

Mike Reimer knows from experience that hockey and relationships don’t mix. And hot-tempered swim coach Bridget O’Reilly couldn’t be more wrong for the widowed pro goalie, aka the Iceman. As the playoffs approach, Mike’s growing feelings for her could melt the hardest heart. But what if being with Bridget means letting down his team…and, worst of all, himself?

And I am thinking
I am loving this sweet romance.  Sadly I have too many projects going on and family drama and I have not finished reading. 
I am more than 3/4's through and I can easily say this is a nice sweet romance.  So far there have been no bedroom scenes but 
I am just getting into the romance. 
Up until now the characters have been skating around their attraction to each other. 

Bridget is uncertain about Mike's intentions and not strong enough in herself to really believe that someone like Mike would be interested in her. 

Mike is struggling with the demands of his career and his guilt over the loss of his wife.  

The other characters mainly Bridget's family are fun and endearing.  

I am lovin' this book and can't wait to get to the end.  

I received a complimentary copy.
The completed review will appear on retails sites and Good Reads.

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