Monday, March 12, 2018

New Releases-TBR Someday-Free Book Offer

Today I am starting a new feature here on the blog
A few new releases that are on my Some Day TBR pile!
And a free offer
A plate of bribery brownies. What could go wrong?Brownie Points for Murder: A Jill Andrews Cozy Mystery #1 by [Ellis, Nicole]
Suburban mom Jill Andrews isn’t sure going back to her old career in marketing is the right move with two young kids and a husband who’s traveling more than he’s home. When her in-laws ask her to help out at the family business, the Boathouse Event Center, it seems like the perfect opportunity to test out a new role.
Even better—one of her first clients as an event coordinator wants her to work for him in a part-time marketing job.
Unfortunately, he’s the builder of the most unpopular construction project in Ericksville—a seven-story condominium that will tower over everything else in the small town on Puget Sound. With some misgivings, she accepts the offer.
Before she can start her new job, the condos are torched by an arsonist and she finds the body of her crotchety old neighbor Samuel Westen on the beach. Shaken by these events, Jill isn’t sure what to do.
Everything changes when news footage appears of her pregnant sister-in-law Desi Torres throwing a pen at Westen in a town hall meeting because he refused to renew the lease on her caf√©. When the police find a plate of Desi’s famous brownies in his house, Desi is catapulted to the top of the suspect list.
When the stressful situation lands Desi in the hospital with pregnancy complications, Jill must navigate her own mom-life crisis, sift through a tangled web of secrets and lies, and discover the identity of the real killer before it’s too late.
Jill Andrews Cozy Mysteries
Brownie Points for Murder – coming March 15th
Death to the Highest Bidder – coming April 17th
A Deadly Pair O’Docks – coming May 15th  (Amazon)
Editions Available:  Kindle

Payback (Q-File P.I. Series Book 7) by [Mac, Carolina]

What To Do About Wednesday: Book 7 in The Page Turner Cozy Mystery Romantic Comedy series (A Page Turners Novel) by [Marts, Jennie]

What happens when hump day turns homicidal…
Finally out on her own, all college freshman, Piper Denton wants is to live a normal life. But any chance of normal is annihilated when her roommate is murdered on her first day of class. Add in the antics of a surprise new roommate, a scruffy stray dog, and the attention of three Star Wars shirt-wearing nerds who want to go out with her, and her days are now anything but ordinary. Except Piper doesn’t have time for murder—she’s trying to focus on her studies, her job, and the crush she has on Fitz, aka The Brilliant Barista, her cute, coffee-brewing coworker.
But dating can be deadly, and after another coed turns up dead—she and the Page Turners, her book-club turned amateur sleuths, go on the hunt for the murderer. Except things never go as planned when the Page Turners get involved, and suddenly they find themselves with pink and blue colored hair, dressed as bikers, and making friends with a large tattooed man named Snake when they go undercover in a dive bar.
Murder is anything but mundane when everyone becomes a suspect, and Piper’s life is on the line. Can she and the Page Turners catch the culprit before it’s too late?
Buy the Kindle Edition Now.
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The Cinderella Princess (Ever After series Book 2) by [McClone, Melissa]
Available free at Amazon
I received the free offer announcement from Pure Textuality. 
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