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Trust In Me by Kathryn Shay-Limited Free Offer

About the book (provided by Kathryn Shay)
To most people in the small town of Bayview Heights, high school principal Seth Taylor is a hero. But Seth has never forgotten the mistakes he made years ago with his students. And neither has reporter Lacey Cartwright, because one involved her brother, who’s now in jail. With her grandfather pressuring her to destroy Seth in the town newspaper, Seth invites Lacey to come to the school and see what the teachers really do with kids.

Attraction then love flares between these two star-crossed people. If Lacey starts to show her support—and her true feelings—for Seth, she will she lose what’s left of her family?
What others are saying

Mosley, in Booklist, concluded that "this powerful tale of redemption, friendship, trust and forgiving shows once again that Shay knows how to pack an emotional wallop."

“Filled with hope, this novel's emotionally charged plot delivers a read that is as memorable as it is moving.” RT Book Reviews Top Pick

“An unusual and compelling tale. I don’t know when I’ve been more involved in a novel’s characters and story.” The Romance Reader

“It was one of the best stories I have read in a long time. It held meaning and depth not found in many of the more popular books I've read of late.” An Amazon reader

Limited time offer from the author
I thought I’d share my book, TRUST IN ME, with you because it’s free for a limited time. When I started to write bigger books for Berkley, this was my first. The story centers around the  themes of love and redemption: how people can make up for their mistakes, how a man and a woman can hurt each other but forgive the damage done to their relationship; and how friendship can last through all that. Some sections of this story still make me cry, and I’m wondering if you’ll have the same reaction. Here are a few reviews, which will give you insight into the book. Grab a copy.

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Full of hot passion and tender family scenes, as well as insights into some explosive legal cases, MICHAEL’S FAMILY is sure to tug on your heart strings.

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When a Man Loves a Woman

Welcome to Kathryn Shay’s very first novel, which won several awards and garnered hundreds of letters from fans. Nearly one million copies of this book were printed in the 1990’s.

Nick DiMarco is out to prove something to himself and to the world. His ex-wife abandoned him and his two children, sad and shy Heather and wheelchair bound Jason, to lead the life of a socialite. Now, Nick’s in law school and working two jobs to get what he wants. But when Heather’s guidance counselor, Amanda Carson, calls to tell him his daughter is suicidal, Nick must make difficult choices to save his family.

Further complicating these issues are the feelings both Nick and Amanda, a woman too much like his ex, develop for each other. Intense emotional scenes, a frightening look at teenage suicide and a love story that won’t be denied, all combine to make this a powerful, heart-wrenching drama.

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A Price Worth Paying

This major original novel is vintage Kathryn Shay. Tackling passion, romance, a sexual predator, infidelity and the enduring love of two characters whose marriage withstands the unthinkable, she proves again why reviewers say she has “earned a well-deserved place among the top romance authors.”

Nick and Callie Muscato have been lovers since high school. They married at eighteen and Callie gave up Vassar to go on the road with Nick as he builds his major league baseball career. Once he becomes a superstar, their perfect life is marred by their inability to have children. And then a miracle happens and they adopt twin boys.

Eventually Nick is forced to give up his baseball career, gets his college degree and when the story opens, both he and Callie are teaching at their Alma Mater. Then tragedy strikes them with two major blows: Callie confesses she’s pregnant with another man’s child and, only an hour later, Nick is accused of sexual misconduct with a female student; he is suspended from teaching until hearings can be held.

Though this stress might split up a lesser couple, Nick and Callie fight the accusation and try to keep their marriage together.

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