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The Scent Of Waikiki by Terry Ambrose Great Escapes Tour

About the book 
Honolulu landlord Wilson McKenna can smell a scam from across the room. So when one of his tenants loses everything in a work-at-home scam involving a new perfume, he’s shocked. With his wedding just weeks away, McKenna has to make a tough decision. Does he evict a woman who’s down on her luck? Or take time out from wedding planning to help his tenant?
Turning the case over to his PI-in-training friend Chance Logan seems like the perfect solution—until Chance tells McKenna he needs a wingman for a visit to fragrance entrepreneur Skye Pilkington-Winchester. McKenna’s sure he can keep everyone happy by helping Chance this one time. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and soon McKenna’s up to his board shorts in hot water. His tenant’s simple fragrance scam might involve industrial espionage, Skye’s assistant is murdered, and McKenna’s bride-to-be accuses him of having cold feet.
As McKenna and Chance dig deeper, it seems so much of what they’re being told doesn’t pass the sniff test. And the only way to get his life back is to find the dead girl’s missing boyfriend, unmask a killer, and finish up in time for the wedding. Other than that, it’s just another day in paradise.
And I thought 
This is the first book I have read in the Trouble in Paradise Series.
Having read Clues In The Sand  from another series by the 
author I was expecting to really, really love this one and get involved in a new to me series.  

The Scent of Waikiki is book 9 in the series.  I didn't feel lost jumping in at book 9 but I was somewhat disappointed.  It is definitely written as a stand alone.  It was easy to get into the story but I felt there was very little backstory at all.  I was left wanting to know more about how McKenna and Chance got to where they are now.  

I liked McKenna and Chance. I liked their characters.  I enjoyed their camaraderie.  They worked well together yet they were kind of stumble bums.

They did solve the mystery(s) in the end but they ended up getting help from a couple of different sources.

I did not like McKenna's girlfriend Benni.  I might have a different 
feeling about her if I had read at the least the previous book which centered around a murder with a suspect being one of her family members.  What I didn't like was she just kept jerking McKenna's chain.  First telling him not to get involved in another 'case'.  Then
telling him get involved.  Then whining because she wasn't involved.  She expected him to tell her everything he was doing and keep her posted on his progress on solving the mystery
She threatened to 'Take a break' and leave for a few days changes her mind and then goes off with Chance's girlfriend and starts playing sleuth and then won't give McKenna any idea what is going on when he texts only sending him texts with crude emojies. 

I did enjoy  some of the sub-characters.  Steward the elderly man that was the retired owner of the delivery service was a hoot.  He 
suffered from confusion at times from serving in the military.  He would get confused and think they involved in a military operation. 
But when he was lucid he was quite charming and actually helped with McKenna and Chances investigation. 

The other characters the witnesses and just people involved with what was going on were well developed and added to the story. 

The story and plot were well written and thought out.  For this 
reader The Scent of Waikiki was a fair read.  
Was it great?
Actually not. 
 But I liked McKenna and Chance enough to want to read more. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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  1. Thank you for your review on "The Scent Of Waikiki" by Terry Ambrose and for being part of the Great Escapes Tour.

    I have this book on my TBR list and can't wait for the opportunity to read it.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Thanks for reviewing The Scent of Waikiki. I appreciate you taking the time to read and review even though you didn't t love this one ;-)