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Nutcracker Sweets at Moonglow-by Deborah Garner-Beck Valley Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
The small Montana town of Timberton has a way of bringing magic to the holidays, especially for guests of the local hotel. Resident artist and chef Mist has a way of touching people's lives with exquisite cuisine, imaginative art, and her own ethereal nature. 

When a nearby theatre burns down just before Christmas, cast members of The Nutcracker arrive at the Timberton Hotel with only a sliver of holiday joy. Camaraderie, compassion, and shared inspiration combine to help at least one hidden dream come true. As with every Christmas season in Timberton, this year's guests will face the New Year with a renewed sense of hope.  

*Cookie and candy recipes included! 

And I thought
Delightful.  This was the best Christmas book I've probably ever read.  But that is probably because it was my introduction to the 
Moonglow series.  
Each of the books are written as a standalone.  I was enchanted as I read and had a hard time putting this one down.  

It was just a sweet story.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and meeting these characters brought out the spirit of the holidays.

The sweet spirit that Mist brings to the 'party' is charming and delightful.  I wanted to join everyone for the holiday season. 

The story revolved around the guests at the Inn.  A few folks from a theatre group that got displaced by a fire and then a few random 
or so it seems guests.  Included in the mix is a couple and their 
wheelchair bound daughter and a mother/daughter from the theatre group.  The girls become fast friends with each other and an elderly woman guest.  

When the theatre group offers to do a performance on Christmas 
Eve everyone is delighted.  With help from towns folks the inn is transformed into a lovely little theatre venue and everyone is entertained by a magical performance.  

Nutcracker Sweets made me smile.  I hated for the story to end. 
I recommend this book to all readers.  Since there is a lot about the two young girls I think it is great for any audience.  

My only disappointment was there were no recipes for the fantastic food described that were served at the Christmas Eve Dinner buffet or the Christmas Day Brunch.  But the reader gets a bunch of 
Christmas cookie recipes! 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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