Friday, July 26, 2019

1st Line Friday and Friday 56 -Feat. Bachelor-in the Boondocks

. . .The woman’s voice stroked him, tracing tantalizing
patterns across his skin.


And on page 56 . . .
He was selective, becoming involved only with
women who appealed to him on more than one level.
Hell, sometimes he was the one who got pursued. He’d
never met anyone quite like Amelia Greene.
She wouldn’t pursue him--that was for sure.
She didn’t seem to like him.
And, he was intrigued.
He rolled over. Women had their place. And it wasn’t
in his mind, keeping him awake at night with images that

caused pain instead of pleasure.

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And sharing a bit of a Teaser on  a random page . . .
. . .Amelia was clearing away the lunch dishes when she
glanced out the window and saw Cleet and Otis heading
up the back walk. They were talking animatedly, but for
once it didn’t look as if they were quarrelling.
She opened the door before they had time to knock.
“Hi, how’s it going, fellows?”
“It is official, Amelia. We’ve got trouble,”
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