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Love Is In The Air Tour-Feat. The Cowboy's Christmas Baby by Cathy McDavid-Author Interview

The Cowboy's Christmas Baby: A Clean Romance (The Sweetheart Ranch Book 3) by [McDavid, Cathy]

Hello Cathy welcome to the blog.  I am so excited to chat and talk about your books.

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be here. Thank you, Sherry, for the invitation.

As promised some fun and simple questions to get started!

Do you like boxed Valentine Candy?

Why limit ourselves to Valentine’s Day? I think I just finished off a box caramel and pecan turtles hubby bought for the holidays.

Are you a nuts in your chocolate girl or just plain ‘ole chocolate?

Nuts. As you can tell from my answer above ☺ That said, I will take chocolate in almost any form.

Favorite flowers to receive on Valentines Day?

I’m a sucker for any flowers, but I do like roses. It’s not just that they’re pretty, I love the way they smell.

Favorite drink/snack you enjoy when you read a romance?

Coffee. Which is also my favorite beverage for writing and watching TV at night and breakfast and socializing with friends. Okay, upon reading that, I realize that, with the sole exception of writing, you could substitute wine in place of coffee in every instance. What does that say about me? (hee, hee)

If you could go anywhere in the world for a Romantic vacation  where would you go?

Hubby and I are traveling to Montreal this summer. I’m hoping that will be a romantic trip, especially when we visit the French Quarter. Another romantic place I’d love to go with him is on one of those European Viking cruises. The commercials make it look so wonderful. Maybe some day.

Favorite movie romantic couple?

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. A close second is...oops, wait. Nope, Sandra and Keanu are my favorite.

What is your favorite romantic movie?
The Lake House because, you know, Sandra and Keanu star in it.

Let’s talk about your books.  For the new readers can you tell us a little about your books?

I’ve been writing contemporary westerns for Harlequin since 2005. I started with their American line, which became Western. When that line closed a few years ago, I switched to Heartwarming.  When I first started with Heartwarming, I admit I wasn’t sure I’d be as happy with that line as I was with Western. Turns out, I am. I truly love the books I’ve done for Heartwarming and think they’re some of my best.

I’ve dipped my toe in the independent publishing pool as well and released a few works. Mostly novellas and short stories. And in case you were wondering, the novellas are westerns. Gotta have my cowboys!

Of all the books you’ve written could you tell is if you have a favorite?  A favorite couple?

My all time favorite book is The Gate to Eden, a western historical originally published by Dorchester back 2006. It was what authors call a book of the heart. I wrote it during a difficult time in my life (deaths of two family members three months apart) and was told the odds of selling it were next to null. The story spoke to me, however, and I just had to write it. So glad I did. It was my first sale to a big publisher and the first book of mine to be in bookstores. FYI, if anyone is interested, I obtained the rights back and republished the book, adding some new scenes. It’s available in audio, too — free if you have an Audible subscription.

My favorite couple is from my recent Harlequin Heartwarming, The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby. These two people are in a nearly impossible situation. Whichever way they turn, someone is going to get hurt, especially the other person. I still can’t believe I managed to find a path to their happily-ever-after. My May 2020 release, Her Cowboy Sweetheart, is a close second. It’s a friends to lovers story with two people totally deserving of finding love.

Okay, yes, you can see I really do like writing for Heartwarming!

Which book was the easiest to write and why?

Some books have been easy to write (like The Gate to Eden) and other have been really difficult. It all depends on the story conflict and how my life is going at the moment. My recent novella The Magic of Mistletoe was very much a pleasure to write. I gave the heroine a darling little boy and the hero a wonderful horse. They both stole every scene they were in.

Just in case the readers are being introduced to you today which book or series would you recommend starting?

Well, I can’t wait for my newest series to be released, Wishing Well Springs. But the first book won’t be out until November 2020. I’d suggest starting with my latest series, Sweetheart Ranch. Any of those books are good, but The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is the best, in my opinion. And even those I write series, all my books can be read independently.

Let’s chat a bit about writing.  Do you have a favorite place to write?

Mostly, I write in my office at the computer. Yes, dull. Sometimes for a change of pace I write at a coffee shop (of course, coffee) or at the library. I edit all over the house. In front of the TV. In bed. At the breakfast bar or dining room table. Sitting on the patio. This is because I don’t like editing at the computer prefer to print out my pages.

Do you have a little furry friend that helps you write or keeps you company?

I have three — all rescues — and my cat Ozzy has his own regular column in my newsletter. He utterly devoted to me and always nearby. In fact, he’s sleeping next to my computer as I’m typing this. Also always nearby is my dog Nacho, who happens to be special needs, although he thinks his just plain special. He’s sleeping on the futon in my office, his usual place of choice while I work. Lastly is Sushi. We got her at the pound and, as an older cat, saved her from almost certain death. She’s less interested in being part of my writing life and hangs out more with the hubby. It’s only fair he should have his own furry friend.

And one last one you already told us your dream vacation location.  What is your dream location to while away the days writing?

If I had endless supply of money, I’d own a house in the mountains and one at the beach. I can’t imagine two better places to write. Of course, I’d have to take the pets along. Oh, and hubby. Sure. Right. Him, too.

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope we can get together again soon to chat up your titles!

Meet Cathy

As a sophomore in high school, NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Cathy McDavid won a local writing competition with her self-illustrated children’s book. Who knew that small triumph would eventually lead to a career writing contemporary romances with over 1.3 million books sold? With forty-seven titles to date, Cathy is also a member of the prestigious Romance Writers of America’s Honor Roll. This “almost” Arizona native and mother of grown twins recently married her own real-life sweetheart. After leaving the corporate world four years ago, she now spends her days penning stories about good looking men who ride the range or fight fires or hunt creatures all while sweeping the girl off her feet. It’s a tough job but she’s willing to make the sacrifice.

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