Sunday, February 2, 2020

Wednesday Blogging Challenge

I am late getting this posted I have had computer problems

Joining the challenge again. Last week was so fun.  Thank you new friends for stopping by.  I am device challenged because my computer broke and I have to use the tablet but, I will try to write some Junk Journal posts on the weekend.

And now on with challenge . . .

Today’s topic is: Best Couple from a Book, TV or Movie

Just Released

Starting with a book because I am just lovin' this Couple and 
their series.  

The couple is Murphy and Jessica Faraday Thornton and their series is The Thorny Rose Series by Lauren Carr.  

This series is a spin off from the Mac Faraday Series (Jessica's dad)

Jessica and Murphy just exude romance.  They just get me.  The banter and the Romance just oozes off the page.  And, all with closed bedroom doors.  Lauren Carr is a master at story telling.  

This is a fabulous series (all of them are) that you have to check out.  

Favorite Movie Couple
Image result for richard gere julia roberts

 Well for me no one beats these two.  Pretty Woman is one of our all time favorites.  Run Away Bride is a close second.  

                                 Favorite T.V,  Couple

Don't gasp but I just loved this couple and this series.  It got a bit crazy well actually alot crazy but the romance was popcorn and wine worthy. 
                             Image result for fitz olivia   
I miss Fitz and Olivia.  Wishin' I had Netflicks!  I love a good 

There you have it my favorites!  What are yours?

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