Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hit And Mist by Marc Jedel Great Escapes Tour-5 Star Review

About the book
When Marty’s surfer-dude pal is arrested for murder, he must squeeze his amateur sleuthing into his packed schedule. With his high-tech job busier than ever and his nieces’ antics sidetracking him, Marty’s ready for a Thanksgiving holiday. All he has to do is solve two murders. But if he can’t even convince his sister to bake his favorite chocolate pie, how can he hope to save his friend?

With the help of his girlfriend, some wacky coworkers and Buddy the rambunctious Labrador, Marty sets out to disprove the ironclad evidence. But as the suspect list blossoms out of control, his bumbling efforts might lead him into problems faster than a failing hard drive.

Can he clear his friend’s name before he’s blown to bits? Blah blah blah I love this series Marty is just actually he he's quite Charming even though he is a bit of it an airhead sorry Mark sorry Marty but he's endearing an and quite the investigator it has stumblebum Manor in Waze he is diligent and makes every effort to save the day and solve crimes because he wants to be a superhero so this is the best that he can do with it solving crimes I love all the characters in the in the series The sister and nieces for humorous and add a lot of fun the dog is Charming in his own way even though he's a bit of a terror I have loved this series of ready to the books and I'm looking forward to the next one thanks Mark for letting me be on and Lori for letting me be on this tour
And I thought 
One of my favorite series.  Each book is better than the one before.
If you love cozy's get into this series now.  Hit And Mist is book 4 but you can jump right in.  Author Mar Jedel
does a great job at weaving each of the plots and introducing old and new characters making it easy to pick up any book and begin a fun journey with Marty and the crew.
Marty is a likeable and actually charming character.
He is a bit of a stumble bum but he is a devoted friend and brother and just all around good guy.  
If you get into trouble and people try to kill you he comes to the rescue like a super hero. . . which he secretly yearns to be!

 Check out this great book and series it is the perfect read to brighten your day.

I received a complimentary copy.
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