Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Canidate For Murder Audio Version Review I Read Book Tours


About the book . . .It’s election time in Spencer, Maryland, and the race for mayor is not a pretty one. In recent years, the small resort town has become divided between the year-round residents who enjoy their rural way of life and the city dwellers who are moving into mansions, taking over the town council, and proceeding to turn Deep Creek Lake into a closed-gate community—complete with a host of regulations for everything from speed limits to clotheslines. When the political parties force-feed two unsavory mayoral nominees to the town’s residents, David O’Callaghan, the chief of police, decides to make a statement—by nominating Gnarly, Mac Faraday’s German shepherd, to run for mayor of Spencer! What starts out as a joke turns into a  disaster when overnight, Gnarly becomes the front-runner, and his political opponents proceed to dig into the canine’s past. When one of the mayoral candidates ends up dead, it becomes apparent that slinging mud is not enough for someone with a stake in this election. With murder on the ballot, Mac Faraday and the gang—including old friends from past cases—dive in to clear Gnarly’s name, catch a killer, and save Spencer

And I thought 
The audio version brought back memories that I enjoyed!  I 
had read the original print version of It's Murder, My Son a few 
years ago and I was glad to get the opportunity to revisit on the Audio tour.  
It was fun sitting in my crafting space working on projects and listening to this story all over again. 

It's funny hearing the story seems to bring it to life.  

Going back to the beginning and being reminded about not only how Mac met Archie and Gnarly I kind of remembered that part but revisiting how Mac ended up being the heir of Robin Spencer's fortune put a few things in perspective.  And how 
Robin searched him out and found him was interesting and a bit sad when you realize that he never got to meet his mom. 

It was also interesting to see how Mac and David met and how their brother relationship has developed through the series in the book.  

And then well these Gnarly.  What can I say about Gnarly.  He's just one special character.  

If you love a good mystery.  You won't find one here.  You find a 
Great mystery. 
If you enjoy a bit of a chuckle.  You will more than likely find a belly rolling laugh.  

And you'll find some great characters.  And lot's of mystery!

I love the Mac Faraday series and I can't wait for the next one!

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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