Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Dog Days of Summer Meet The Character Andi Grace- Low Country Dog Walker by Jackie Layton


I’m Andi Grace Scott. I’m a dog walker in Heyward Beach, South Carolina. At thirty years old, I’m the matriarch of our little family. Nate is my younger brother, and Lacey Jane is the baby of the family. We’re a tight group, and there’s nothing we won’t do to help each other.

In Bite the Dust, I’m a suspect in Peter Roth’s murder. In Dog-Gone Dead, Nate is accused of murdering one of the men in our town. Of course he was innocent, and there’s no way I wasn’t going to help catch the real killer.

I never back down from a challenge, whether it’s raising my siblings or trying to make better decisions about my eating habits. Taking care of others is also something that comes naturally to me, whether it’s a person or animal. My German shepherd appeared one day, and she’s been with me ever since.

I’ve always lived in Heyward Beach, and the locals are like family. For example, Tony Russo, owns the local pizza restaurant. The only thing bigger than his smile is his heart. After my parents died, he kept an eye on us to make sure we never went hungry. Doc Hewitt gave me a job in his veterinary clinic despite my lack of experience. A few years later, with Doc’s blessing, I started my dog walking business. The flexible schedule allowed me to keep up with my siblings and their after-school activities.

I’m not a matchmaker for people, but I have a talent of pairing animals with people. My long-term goal is to build a dog shelter where no animal ever fears for his life. They will be well cared for and loved as long as they are with me.

To the dismay of our local sheriff, I have a knack for solving murders. It’s hard to believe Heyward Beach has so much crime, but I’m doing my best to catch the killers. I’ve also had a few close calls, but I try to play it safe and not do anything too stupid.

Come visit us in Heyward Beach for fun and relaxation. Just don’t come our way if you’re planning to commit murder. I’d rather chat with you over a cup of coffee than question you about an alibi. Hope to see you soon!

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