Thursday, November 10, 2022

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A cozy Christmas fundraiser becomes a crime scene. Three amateur sleuths must race to clear their names. Will our delightful detectives spend Christmas behind bars?

Courtney Cain is heading up a cracking Christmas fundraiser for the Curly Bay Pet Hotel and Rescue.

She’s going to need some help and is delighted when Jessi’s old college friend Sammy Baker comes to town from Sunny Cove. Jessi suggests they also bring in her favorite blogger (and another amateur sleuth) Emily Cherry, to top off the festivities.

It's the most wonderful time of the year with friends old and new until…

Someone won’t be waking up on Christmas morning!

Courtney, Sammy, and Emily are on the case to prove their innocence and find the culprit.

Will the mystery of the killer cake be solved before our heroines spend their Christmas in the clink? Will they save themselves from an unfestive season in the slammer? 

Read Christmas Cake Murder to find out…

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Rag And Bone 
by Rosie Swan

Unwanted and rejected from the moment she was born, Charlotte sets out on a brave Christmas journey to finally forgive… and be free.
The baseborn child of her father and a chambermaid, Charlotte Weston has never known love.

Driven from home and dumped in the workhouse, Charlie fights for survival and has vowed to never forgive those who hurt her.

Paul Vermont is a godly man who falls in love with Charlie from the moment he first sets eyes on her. The textiles in the factory are nothing but rags compared to her beauty, but bitterness in her heart is evident in the way she treats everyone around her.

Paul has strong faith and refuses to believe that Charlie cannot change. He sets out to help her deal with her past—and that means returning to where it all began.

The brave Christmas journey she takes then changes everything for them both.

If you enjoy heartfelt Victorian romance, you will love this beautiful Christmas tale. Read it today.

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