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Book Review

The 3 Christmases of William Spencer

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Where do I begin? This little book and I mean little (it fit in a Christmas stocking) includes 51 pages divided into three different stories about fictional character 
William Spencers life and his attitudes and experiences during the Christmas season.
The first story begins in the 1930's when young William is disappointed because he didn't get the shiny snow sled he saw in the store window for Christmas. Which happens to be is birthday also.
The second story takes places in 1963 young William is grown and has a family of his own.
The third story takes places when William is a senior living alone after the death of his wife.
In each story William figures out one lesson which seems to be the central point of the entire book and that is happiness is not a condition but an attitude.
Personally I didn't like the book. I understand the authors intent I think but I thought the stories in each of their own ways were negative. They were not necessarily boring because I caught myself looking for the rainbow at the end in each story. But I didn't find that rainbow.
Maybe I was expecting something different. I expected a fun, happy Christmas story in a book that I could give as a gift. What I found was sadness. Not the emotion you want to feel at Christmas.
I did some research as I usually do and there are a few other reviews out there. Most were non committal. Just including the basic info. about the story. If your interested you can find them on google.
This book is listed in the category of gift books and I guess that is what I was expecting.
The cover price is $14.95 and personally I wouldn't even consider it. I did find that it is available at Amazon for just over $10.00.
If you would like a little more information here is a link to the authors site.
I found the book available at Amazon and Borders. (The Borders link did not work)
Book Info:
Publisher: Synergy Books
Date: December 06, 2010
Edition: Illustrated
ISBN13: 9780984504039
ISBN: 984504036
Category: Christmas, Fiction-Family Life, Gift Books
This book was provided by Phenix & Phenix. I received no compensation for my review.

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