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Horse In The Wilderness-Debbie Eckles-Book Review

Horse In The Wilderness--Book Review

                                                            Horse in the Wilderness
Pleasantly surprised.  This book was not what I expected!  It was much, much more!   I found
Horse In The Wilderness to be a heart warming  and touching story of romance and mystery.

Here's what it's about . . .
A missing horse. A missing boy. A vandal with an unexplained grievance against a local farmer. A young woman who drives as though pursued by demons.
An impulsive offer to help locate the missing horse draws Brent Travis unwillingly into the affairs of the Parker family. Are they the gracious, God-fearing Christians they appear to be, or are they the hypocrites of Brent’s past experience?
Autumn Parker’s friendly jibe—quitter—cuts closer than she knows to the heart of the man who has lost his faith in God, in honor, and in loyalty. Caught in a battle between the forces of depression telling him he has nothing to live for and the opportunity to build a new life for himself in rural Orchard Springs, Arkansas.  Brent is forced to re-examine everything he believes. 

And a little more of what I thought . . .  
My first thought. I love a good Cowboy story!  Brent the main character isn't a cowboy.  Actually 
he's never been on a horse.  And, never had a dog!  That all changes when Autumn becomes a part of his life.

The two characters are charming.  Brent is a bit moody and angry.  Autumn is funny and quirky. And a challenger.  She challenges Brent.  She challenges his bad moods and encourages him. 
This is a sweet and wholesome romantic story.  There are twists and turns in the budding relationship as Brent and Autumn deal with past tragedies in their lives.  

I sensed in the first few pages the author was writing about what she knew.  I didn't get a sense of an author doing research.  I am very critical about 'Cowboy' stories. 

As the book progressed when Brent is introduced in chapter 2  I began to feel the same way about the music.  This story is about music.  The story revolves around Brent's new teaching position at the local elementary.  I was launched into the world of music in a way that I've never been before.

There's much more there between the pages. . .
the search for Autumn's horse,  the vandal that is terrorizing a local farmer, and then there's the strange accidents that begin to happen to Autumn.
There's much to this story to keep you reading and turning the pages all the way to the end. If your like me you will actually 'gasp' a few pages before the end.
But I won't spoil it for you.  I suggest you read it yourself!    This is a really good book and fits perfectly in the Christian genre.  I would recommend for any reader from late teen through mature adult.  I would caution a parent to read before offering to a teen.  I would have no problem with allowing my teens.  Use your own judgment.  As the publishers spoiler indicates there is the subject of depression and suicide. But, it doesn't come into the story the you expect. 

  If your a fan of mystery and romance or horse and Cowboys you won't be disappointed.   

Although  this book took me a little longer to read than usual I have to say it was because I was reading on my phone.  Not my favorite method.   With that said it was pure Cowboy from page one and had me turning the pages! 

My rating for this book is 5 stars.  I am purchasing a copy for my library. 

There isn't alot of information to share about this book other than from what's on the back cover.  
I was not able to find an excerpt to share.  I visited 3 different retailers.   
My first thought writing this review This book needs more and better press.
I look forward to additional books by Debbie Eckels.  I would love to read more about the sub-characters we were introduced to in Horse In The Wilderness.

I received a complementary e-copy of this book from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.

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