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Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants-Book Review

Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet pants

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Turned out better than I first thought. I actually had a tough time with the first few pages. The book started with the first few chapters talking about doctors visits and dignity. Personally I would have put those chapters in the middle of the book and replaced the first ones with the chapters about working out or dealing with hair coloring or something.

It is a fairly decent length book of 242 pages and it is a funny read. I think if my mother was a reader she would enjoy it. I know my sister would and I know lots of women and bloggers that would enjoy the book.

From the back cover: Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants is an irreverent look at aging. Fashion, self-improvement and social etiquette are thrown out the window in this hilarious book that disregards good taste and dignity. The author disproves the theory that fifty is the new thirty with anecdotes, some of them actually true. 

But personally. I just thought it was ok. Lot's of parts are really hilarious like the whole incident at the fitness center in Chapter 16 and the chapters about dealing with pets were really funny also. I thought chapter 2 The Intervention and then Chapter 3 Beauty Abounds at Allure n Appeal were quite funny.

But as the back of the book describes it is irreverent and disregards good taste and dignity.

Personally would I buy it for myself? I would have to say no. Personally would I buy it for my sister absolutely. She would love it! Personally would I buy it for my sister in law. Well she would absolutely love it. But personally I wouldn't buy her anything. If she was nicer to me Yes I would definitely buy her a copy. Personally would I check it out of the library? Maybe.

So if you know some really crazy women that love humor. I personally think anyone that loves to read humor or watch comedians would love this book. I don't think you have to be 50 or older to appreciate it. My husband actually might even enjoy it. I'll have to ask him to check it out.

You can purchase at Amazon here's the link. Here's the link to the authors website for more info. It can also be purchased here at he publishers site.

About the book:
Wrinkles, Waistlines and Wet Pants by JeanneKraus
ISBN: 978-1450200850
Publisher: iUniverse
Date of publish: Feb 3, 2010
Pages: 256
S.R.P.: $19.95

This book was offered for review by the author through Bostick Communications

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