Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Through The Triangle--C.P. Stewart

What an amazing surprise was Through The Triangle by C.P. Stewart. This is the first book in the Science Fiction category that I have read and I loved it.
From page one I was captured and could not put it down. I was actually fascinated by the title when asked by Mr. Stewart through Bostick Communications to do the review.
The story opens when the main character Jake books a fishing trip with his teen age son Nathan. (The two have been somewhat estranged since the recent death of Jake's ex-wife. ) Jake's plans go awry when they get more than they bargain for on the simple trip.
As the story unfolds the cast of characters are developed and you begin to become part of thier lives. And as they realize thans they have indeed gone through the Bermuda Triangle I found myself feeling sorry for them as they realize that they have jumped from 2005 to 2283. Jake, Nathan, Mason (the boat Captain), Jaun (the crewman) struggle with thier own seperate feelings as they realize that they will never see thier families again. Fellow passenger Allen Cranston has a whole set of his own thoughts and feelings when he realizes that they have jumped into they future.
From the back cover:
On a deserted shore, and ththey discover they are in the right place at the wrong time - the Florida coast nearly three-hundred years in the future. What follows is a journey of enlightenment as Jake discovers the shocking historical events leading to this new reality and the love lurking under his nose. It all combines for a savvy time-travel thriller that will keep you guesssing right up until the shocking finale.
My thoughts:
I found Through The Triangle to be an enjoyable read. It was easy to read. There were quite a few characters but I didn't have any problem keeping them straight. I enjoyed the story. The suspense, thriller and romantic aspect made it an enjoyable read for me.
I would recommend Through The Trianglefor any age group. The young adult reader would enjoy it as much as a mature reader.
This book is available at Amazon click here to purchase.
Many thanks to Mr. Stewart for allowing me the pleasure of reading his book.

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