Monday, January 1, 2018

A Fun Challenge For 2018

I am joining a Reading Challenge.  I like the idea of being 
offered books by authors that I have not read.  

Although I would love to read more I think that I could only 
be an Amateur at this challenge because I have so many other 
reviews already scheduled.  And I love working with the tours. 

And so I am entering the Amateur level.  Here are the levels . . .
Challenge Level:
Amateur : Choose to read 1 - 25 New Authors
Lover     : Choose to read 26 - 50 New Authors
Expert    : Choose to read 51 - 75 New Authors
Fanatic   : Choose to read 76 or above New Authors

This is a fun way to be introduced to new authors and genre's.

Here are all the details. . . 
Welcome to a 2018 Reading Challenge: First-Reads!

Do you remember the feeling when you read the first book by your favourite author? Yes well, its for that feeling that I have come up with this challenge. Also, there was a time when I would only stick to the books written by authors I had previously read and enjoyed. But soon I realised that I was missing out on a lot other books. So, readers & bloggers, come together to this challenge that will make you pick up books by authors that you haven't read before! You never know, you just might find another author to love and follow.

Points to Know:
1. Read & Review as many books as possible, by authors that YOU haven't read before. 
2. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. However, you have to post a review on some site in order to participate. It can be on Goodreads and/or Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble and/or Smashwords.
3. If you are a blogger link up your permalink to the review posts. If you aren't a blogger, then link up the permalink to your reviews from whichever site you have chosen to post the review on.
4. The books can overlap with other reading challenges.  
5. Books read may be any form (audio, print, e-book).
6. Post your links to your reviews each month to share with other participants.
7. The challenge runs from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Its never too late to Join In!

How To Sign-Up and Join In:

1. Choose a challenge level listed below.
2. Create a post on your blog, in a group, or on a forum (where possible) to let others see what you’re aiming for (a predefined list of Authors/Books is optional).
3. Grab the badge and place it in your sign up post. Then link back
4. Grab the direct URL to your sign up post, not your blog, click the Linky List and enter your link.
5. Once you review a book it would be great for you to share them by submitting them on the Review List.
7. When you’re done it’s completion post time and you can share these on the completion/wrap-up List.

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