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Night Shift by Carey Decevito-Review-Buoni Amici Tour w/Giveaway

About the book 
A serial killer…
A past that haunts no matter how much the distance…
Which one will strike first?
Eighteen deaths over eight years has left Shane Peters itching to find his mark. The death that started it all ensured his obsession with the murderer who had turned his life into a living hell, leaving him to raise a newborn daughter on his own.
Starting over wasn’t the easiest thing, but Emberlyn Roth had managed by shear grit and the skin of her teeth. It’s too bad one can’t outrun their past.
A protector of the wronged, Shane is torn between his duty as a detective for the Jacksonville PD and a quest to find himself some peace. Red tape binds his capabilities and moonlighting as an investigator for Nightshade Securities has him feeling stretched thin. Late nights on the streets and his sense of duty keeps him from being the father he wants to be. Throw onto his already rickety house of cards, an attraction to the mysterious Emberlyn, the lead he’s got on the murderer he’s been hunting for nearly a decade, and threats his woman is receiving by an unsavory character from her past, and he’s seriously tempted to take Dalton Kipper’s offer to join his team in a permanent basis.
Rules have a place, but when you’re faced with losing the one that means most to you, lines can become blurred. With the fate of his family’s future hanging in the balance, he’s ready to risk it all.
Read an excerpt
The moment I walked over the threshold, I knew a clusterfuck of epic proportion awaited me.Blood was everywhere. Spatter by the front door, smears over the walls, and droplets leading to where I knew the victim would ultimately be laying in a pool of her life’s essence.Forensics was going to have a field day with this one.Just like with the other fifteen.Donning the protective gear the lead officer had ordered me to change into before entering the scene, I made my way toward the back of the house.Carefully avoiding one evidence marker after another, I entered the master bedroom. The grizzly sight of Victoria Spark’s mutilated body, lying face up on the bed, greeted me. The standard ligatures on her wrists and ankles proved that she’d been restrained and alive through most of her torture; the killer leaving her to die in excruciating pain from her wounds and ultimately, blood loss.The scent of copper on the air thickened as I made my final approach, slipping my hands into a pair of plastic gloves. I was looking for something I knew was meant for me.Setting my evidence kit down beside the bed, I bent toward the body in search of my next clue.The sickening crack of the victim’s jaw set my stomach to roiling as I pulled her mouth open, locating the three pieces I had come to expect after so many years of chasing this perp. Letting go of the victim, I grasped my digital camera and photographed my findings. Setting the camera down, I whipped out the small evidence bag from my kit and opened it, manning my tweezers.Fishing the objects out one by one, I dropped them in the bag, then photographed them again. Fragments of a photograph were what this sicko leaves. Camera in hand, I shot a few frames of the room, as well as the rest of the premises. The team would have their own photos, but I liked being thorough with my investigations, thus preferred gathering my own shots, comparing them with the others’.Closing up my kit, I stood to take my leave.Fucking sadistic bastard and his games.It pissed me off that he was always one step ahead of me.

And I thought
I admit it.  I am a cover junkie and this one 'got me'.  I was expecting sizzle and that's exactly what I got.  Some sizzle and a sweet romance.  Combined with a thriller that kept me turning the pages.
I can easily say that Night Shift is a 5+ star page turner. 

The characters are charming and delightful, hot (Shane and his co-workers) and just a little bit stubborn and opionated. 

Emberlyne has been through a rough time. She's a big girl and wants to stand on her own. 

Shane is a widower struggling with working way too much while trying to raise his darling daughter Lana Rose with the help of his wonderful mom.  Mom is wise and dedicated to helping her son and grand daughter. 

While Shane and Emberlyne become friends and then step over into a relationship Shane struggles with catching a serial killer 
that ends up connecting with Emberlyne's ex to reck all kind of 

Night Shift is a page turner that kept me turning the pages and forgetting about the 'real' world.  

There were some sub-characters that immediately caught my attention and I was delighted to see that Devolin and Dalton are the main characters in Book 1 of this series.  

I am looking forward to reading Night Break 1 in the series. 

I received a complimentary copy from Buoni Amici Press.
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