Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Deck the Malls with Purple Peacocks-Book Review

Deck The Malls with Purple Peacocks

About the book 
It’s Christmas in Orange County, California, and the mall is full of purple peacock decorations, large and small. Department store employee Aracely Martinez has a goofy Cuban friend, Quito (who’s awfully cute in his mall Santa suit), distracting her from her night-shift restocking job. But Aracely has a long-held secret, which her supervisor at the store, Jacob Thinnes, is holding over her head to make her do his bidding.
Which is too much bidding.
Enter Aracely’s oldest friends: Alice Chalmers, Georgette Jones and Julie Bowers. The group’s “Venus Warrior” bond from the 2003 production of The Venus Monologues at Garden Beach Community College is still very strong, and these women are ready, willing, and able to kick some butt to help Aracely out of her difficult bind. Join Aracely’s “Three Wise Women” plus her ever-present trickster hunk, Quito, in one adventure after another as they work against the odds to give Aracely a fabulous, nearly impossible Christmas gift: the life of her dreams.

And I thought
First things first. I loved it. But...
The cover didn't get me.  If you are a regular reader here you know I am a huge cover junkie.  Sadly I would have passed on this one if I was purchasing based on the cover.  And that would have 
been just plain 'ole. 
Take my advice starting right here.  Right now.  Don't judge a book by it's cover! 

This one just didn't speak to me but . . . it was a duh moment when I downloaded the photo for this review.  I read the book on my computer and so I didn't have access to the cover through out the read. 

I loved everything about this book.  I was a little surprised at first I didn't realize that it was really about the escapades of Alice and her friends Georgette and Julie.  The three are a lively group of ladies that entertain the reader!  

The story begins with Aracely who is working part time at a store in the local mall.  She works an after hours schedule stocking in a large retail store. 

Aracely is a hard worker from Mexico that isn't legal so she is at the mercy of anyone that decides to take advantage of her.  And that is exactly what happens.  

But in comes her past college professor Alice and her merry group of lady 'fixers'.   I would really call the group more 'fixers' than sleauths at least in this installment.  I have not had the pleasure of reading book 1. Although they do some sleuthing to get the goods on the bad guys that are threatening Aracely

Alice and her friends come to Aracely's rescue in more ways than one.  

I won't give away the fast paced, fun and comical plot.  But you have to read to the end to find out exactly how that cover is involved with all the mayhem!

There are a few curse words and most in Spainish so you might not even realize they are.  I actually looked one up to see what it was.  

One negative at least in my opinion because I have to tell all.

I really didn't get into Quito the Cuban that ends up winning 
Aracely's heart.  I just thought he was annoying with his un-ending dumb jokes.  And he really didn't keep a job.   But that's just me.  

I was very pleased that I was offered to review Deck the Malls ...
I look forward to more books in the series the Alice Chronicles and other books by this author.  

I received a complimentary copy from Lola's Book Tours.
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