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First Time at Firelight Falls by Julie Ann Long-Pure Textuality Tour-Review

About the book 
Single mom Eden Harwood has a lively daughter, a blooming business—and a juicy secret she’s hung on to for ten years. She doesn’t mind a bit that there’s no room for romance in her whirlwind life . . . until six-foot-infinity, smoldery-eyed, bass-voiced Gabe Caldera reminds her of what she might be missing.
The principal of Hellcat Elementary is usually knee-deep in fawning PTA moms, but Gabe only has eyes for the fiery, funny, skittish redhead who barely knows he’s alive. But this ex-Navy SEAL never fails to get what he wants. And what he wants is to fan those sparks between him and Eden into the kind of bonfire you can see two counties away.
The passion is explosive . . . and the tenderness has them thinking about forever. But when Eden’s past waltzes into town for a reckoning, her secret blows them apart. Still, Gabe will never back down from a fight . . . especially if the ultimate prize is Eden’s heart.
And I thought
First I loved it.  5 plus stars for this romance!

The first few lines set the stage for questions about just where this book is going.  Honestly I was taken back to waaaay back in the day when we saw Romancing the Stone for the first time in the theater.  The story the female character an author is writing a sizzling romance.     
First Time at Firelight did sizzle and there are some romantic scenes that make it probably "R"  but they were well written and a part of the romance between Eden and Gabe.

Back to the beginning of the book the scene is set when Eden is called into the principle's office because her daughter Annelise was singing a song and teaching it to her friends that another mother that was deemed inappropriate.

And so begins a few trips to the principle's office and a budding romance between said principle Gabe and Eden.  

Everything is going as well as it can for a busy single mom and a
very busy principle who is very active in the town happenings until a little surprise comes to town in the form of the Annelise's father.

The big surprise is for Jasper the rock star that returns to town 
for a show at a club owned by Eden's family.   It doesn't take him long to put two and two together.

The characters are charming.  Especially the precocious Annelise.
Even Jasper is all rock singer and everything it encompasses.

First Time at Firelight is book 4 in the Hell Cat Canyon series 
but it is written as a standalone. 

I couldn't help but notice how well all the characters were written into the story.   Each of Eden's siblings were woven into the story without confusion.  Each have had their own separate stories in the series.  I look forward to picking up the others for the complete set.

I enjoyed First Time at Firelight and suspect that it has inched it's way right to the top as my favorite so far this year.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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