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Bad Time To Be In It by David Burnsworth- Great Escapes Tour Review/Guest Post/Giveaway

About the book 
The past is never past. Sometimes it repeats itself. And sometimes it comes back to pay a visit. Blu Carraway, flush with cash and back in business, never had it so good. Or so he thought.The reality is his love life is in shambles, his business partner is spending too much time with women half his age and not enough time on the job, and someone close goes missing. Blu’s business partner goes off the rails, his friends show their true colors, and he realizes that getting closure sometimes means walking away from everything. With a case from the past gone wrong twice, a loved one in trouble, and an unanswered marriage proposal, it’s a bad time to be in it for Blu Carraway Investigations.

And I thought 
Hold on to your seat.  This one is a page turner.  From page one where we find Blu on assignment in Belize all the way to the last page the reader is taken on a fast past ride along with Blu and his friends. 
Just as his job in Belize and before he has a chance to relax in the sun he's called home. 
His partners girlfriend is missing and all 'you know what' is about to break loose! As in loose cannon his partner Crome.  
On a good day Crome fits his image of rough biker dude. 
But let someone go after his girl then trouble isn't just brewing it's down right on fire. 
Blu gets back just in time to search for Crome's girl Maureen.
When Crome gets a text with a photo of Mauren he ends up going rouge and takes off on his own. 
With the help of some friends (and there are a lot of them) Blu 
starts looking for clues.  
Blu calls in some old favors and gets some help from Tess and 
Harmony two investigative reporters that seem to always be around when Blu needs a little help.  
And then the tables are turned and Harmony disappears. 
Two women missing and Blue and Crome have no clue why. 

And when Blu's private island home is threatened (almost) some
help comes from the most unlikely place.  The wild horses that share the island with Blu  not only 'protect' there home but find evidence for Blu.  

I enjoyed Bad To Be In It is a fast paced read.  You will be on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages.   I look for ward to the next installment.  

I received a complimentary copy.
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I Escaped and found myself  in . . . 
(Character interview)
Setting:  Isle of Palms, South Carolina; a ramshackle bar constructed in the form of an old Spanish Frigate painted a faded green that faced the Atlantic Ocean. The bar’s flag, a cigar-smoking Jolly Roger wearing a dark blue South Carolina state flag bandana and aviator shades snapped in the sea breeze.

Six-feet-tall and perpetually tan, Brack Pelton, late-thirties and the owner of the establishment, served drinks to a few patrons on the upper of the two decks that overlook the Atlantic.
Interviewer: “Hello Brack, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat. I’m glad things are a little quiet here at the Pirate’s Cove at least for now!”  (interviewer)
“He’s not,” said a woman working behind the bar with Brack. Her name’s Paige and she’s the bar’s manager. In her late twenties, thin, and wearing a polo with the bar’s flag embroidered over her heart and khaki shorts, she converted the bar from island outcast into one of the main tourist attractions.
“She’s here to interview me,” Brack said, “not you.”
“Don’t be a baby,” she said. “You’ve been moping around here, dragging your feet, wondering why Blu Carraway and Mick Crome haven’t been by.”
“This is quite a place you have here. So did you choose the Isle of Palms or did it kind of choose you?”  (interviewer)
Brack looked at Paige. “Mind if I take this one?”
With a smile, she said, “If you think you can handle it.” She pulled two bottles of R.J. Rockers out of a cooler and took them to a couple sitting at one of the tables.
Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” played on the bar’s sound system.
“This was my uncle’s place,” Brack said, leaning back against the cabinets behind the bar. “He built it in the seventies and rebuilt it after Hurricane Hugo demolished the county in eighty-nine. When I got out of the Marines, I came here because I had no place else to go. Now, I don’t want to leave.”
“It does seem like a nice place for a meal and a cold drink. How did you come to owning the Pirate’s Cove?” (interviewer)
“I inherited it.” Brack hesitated, then said, “Someone killed my uncle and after I took care of that, I decided to try running the place.”
“By running it, he means dropping by every now and then,” Paige said.
“She’s right,” Brack said. “I do the promotion and she handles everything else.”
“If you call getting your mug shot on the front page of the paper ‘promotion.’”
“I was kind of wondering what’s up with the walls?” (interviwer)
“My uncle had the pirate paintings and nautical decorations and we, Paige and I, kept that theme.”
Paige said, “The bullet holes are Brack originals.”
“I know there must be a story there probably with Blu and his partner right in the middle. Am I right?”  (interviewer)
Brack took a sip of iced tea and put the glass down. “These two killers show up one Saturday afternoon. I was having a bad day anyway—”
“Because Darcy had left your sorry butt at the time,” Paige offered. “I’m still not sure why she reconsidered and married you.”
“Anyway,” Brack said, giving a brief, if forced, smile, “these two men come in and gun down one of my patrons. Nobody does that in my bar. Blu showed up after the work was done. Come to think of it, he has a knack for doing that, the bum.”
While it sounded like a shot, Brack gave a genuine smile when he said it as if he didn’t hold any grudges.
“Yeah,” Paige said, “but I had to clean up the mess you made, and I’m not just talking about the puddle of blood we had to have professionally removed from the hardwood floor.”
“Wow, that is quite the story. It seems to be a little hard to keep things quiet around here with some of the folks hanging out and bringing trouble to your door.”  (interviewer)
“Are you kidding?” Paige said. “Brack keeps buying them free rounds. Of course they’re going to hang out.”
“I’m guessing that little episode and then the mayor’s body washing up on shore just outside your door is keeping things hopping around here?” (interviewer)
Looking out toward the ocean, Brack said, “Business is booming.”
Two guys walked up the stairs, both of them over six foot and solid. One with dark hair wore Wayfarer sunglasses, a black t-shirt, jeans, and Doc Martens shoes. He gave a friendly smile.
The other man with him, a biker with aviator shades, a Harley-Davidson t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and boots, said,  “Hey kid, do I have to get my own beer or what?”
“There goes the neighborhood,” Paige said just before she went up to the men and gave them both cheek kisses.
“It looks like trouble walked in again.” (interviewer)
“Hey Babe,” the biker said to Paige. “When’re you gonna ditch that cop husband of yours and ride off with me?”
The man in black said, “Don’t worry, Crome couldn’t settle down long enough for you to get on the back of his bike before he took off.”
Crome said, “Now that’s just plain disrespectful, Blu.”
“Maybe I need to finish off my drink and head out.” (interviewer)
“Stick around,” Crome said. “Brack still thinks he can beat Blu at darts.”
“No, Mick,” Blu said. “You’re the one who got drunk and challenged the whole bar to a tournament.”
“Yeah,” Brack said. “And did pretty good except for the last round. Must’ve had one too many tequila shots.”
“Shut up,” Crome said.

“It’s definitely time for me to leave.” (interviewer)
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  1. Thank you for your review on "Bad Time To Be In It" by David Burnsworth and all the great information on both book and author. Appreciate your being part of the book tour.

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