Monday, December 7, 2020

12 Days if Christmas feat. A Crown for Christmas by Marlene Bietworth

About the book 
Ms. Claus is on the lookout for love’s heir, and zeroes in on the perfect match for the upcoming King of Edstrom Isle. Megan Fairchild, a successful psychiatrist, is tired of celebrating her deceased mother’s version of Christmas, and sets out to find her own path.

The vacation destination is decided when the ornament arrives from the North Pole – a Royal Tiara. Megan embarks on the trip of a lifetime, never suspecting Prince Charming awaits her on the other side of the world. But royal blood and that of commoners have never mixed within the Monarchy, and as the complications mount, Megan must decide between preserving tradition or seizing her happy-ever-after.

When the walls of defense crumble in Megan’s heart, she bolts for home. Will her Prince choose the practical marriage over love with the American girl of his dreams? Christmas magic seems to have an expiry date, and the Ball is approaching fast. Join the romantic chase as love crosses the boundaries in this Ornamental Match Maker story of rescuing two lonely hearts?

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