Sunday, December 20, 2020

Main Character Monday feat Maggie Crozat Cajun Christmas Killing by Ellen Byron

Welcome to Main Character Monday.  Today I am Featuring  . . . 

Cast of Characters: Magnolia Marie Crozat, artist, daughter of Ninette and Tug, who are B & B owners. Bo Durand, a Pelican PD detective and Maggie’s boyfriend. Assorted family members, friends, coworkers, and suspects!

Today I am Featuring main character Magnolia 'Maggie'  Crozat. . . 
Maggie Crozat is a thirty-two-year-old artist who’s moved home to tiny Pelican, Louisiana, after attending art school and living in New York City. She helps out at her family’s plantation-turned-B&B and also works as a tour guide at a plantation that belong to her mother’s family but is now run by a non-profit foundation and open to visitors. Her artist’s eye gives her a visual acuity that the average person doesn’t possess. She can spot clue and suspicious body language that even the local law enforcement professionals might miss.

Why I chose 'Maggie'
Maggie short for Magnolia (don't you just love that  name? I could go with being called Magnolia.  I could see myself lazing around a Plantation . . .Opp's This about Maggie  right.)
 . . . Maggie is one amazing girl.   
She keeps herself very busy as a tour guide at her family's plantation.  And helping out her parents at the  family's Bed and Breakfast. 
All the while she lives in a little cottage behind the B&B (main house) trying to paint.
She is an artist at heart but family and a murder here and there seems to keep Maggie running around sleuthing and figuring out Who Dun It.

Just when things seem  to be settling done then well more mayhem occurs making Pelican Louisiana a might interesting place to visit.

I have my reservations for Christmas. 
 Merry Christmas Ya'll

All the books in the series are available on the authors website click Here

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