Monday, December 28, 2020

On The Road- Main Character Monday feat. Cooking Up Trouble by Lenora Worth

Welcome to Main Character Monday. 
My post today is part of my new feature . . . 

 Today I am starting a road trip to the town of Blossom, Texas as featured in . . .

The Main Characters I chose . . .
It was a toss up.  Choosing which character.  And so I decided to feature both of the main characters.  

Holt . . .  It was hard to ignore this hunky male lead.  
Holt is just an all around good guy.  
A family man.  A great friend.  And a great business man that takes care of his 'people'.
And he cooks!
Holt isn't looking to get into a relationship since he was just ditched by text.  
Who does that?
'. . . I decided I don't want to marry you.'
But then moments later poor rejected Holt ends up in Kayla's diner.

And then there was . . . 
Kayla.  Sweet and Sassy and a thorn in Holt's side.  At least for a little while.  
Kayla is just sweet I couldn't help but like her.
In the romance department though she's just messed up.  
Or more like 'messed with'.  Her ex did a number on her.  
Breaking her heart and her spirit.  

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