Saturday, September 4, 2021

Announcing A New Feature

 Hello and Welcome to the blog! 

Today I am super excited to announce a new feature I have been planning to add here for awhile!  

Our hasty move back in June slowed me down a bit 


Now it's time!

LOL . . . I crack myself up I should have done a Cover Reveal! 

Let me share the back story before all the details for Characters That Cook  . . . 

. . . You may not know I have another blog called My Journey Back.  It began along time ago just after Christmas (my favourite holiday).

Way back then I learned about blog parties and quickly started linking my posts.

I write mainly about homemaking . 

In the early years I posted my reviews there.  The reviews seemed to eventually 

'Take Over'  

and so My Reading Journeys  was born!   

My new home for reviews became my Happy Place and I began doing more reviews.  

Great Escapes Tours played a big part in funneling my appetite by providing great tours with lots of options for Cozy Mysteries.

Which introduced me to many new Author friends! 

As I became involved by doing Author interviews I began to see the 'Real Life' side of the Authors.   

I became friends with more and more and  began to offer small events to help promote thier books. 

The first event was Love Is In The Air a small event in 2018. 

By June I was having so much fun dreaming up ideas I added  To Love A Cowboy

I wrote about  the events on My Journey Back  to  promote My Reading Journeys and the Authors. 

I began to brainstorm how I could blend the blogs and so I began doing the Author Interviews and Character Guests posts  that I signed up for on the Great Escapes tours over on  My Journey Back  

During this time my Cowboy (the inspiration behind To Love A Cowboy) and I began planning to buy a Motor Home and travel the U.S. We would go to Antique Shops and Quilt shops.  Eat local food.  Visit libraries and book stores.  

And I was going to write all about it on my blog.  

We planned routes.  Looked  at r.v. parks. Reseached and shopped for our new home.

And then 

The Cowboy Got Sick 

It was a long haul but he recovered but our plans died. 

My blog became more important.  For a time I had to stay at home with him.  I blogged and On The Road was born.

With it I found a new way to promote the books on My Journey Back. I was already writing a weekly Menu Monday  and Foodie Friday post.    

My first On The Road featured Lenora Worth's Cooking Up Trouble and Man Muffins I posted the recipe which appeared on my Menu and Menu Monday posts.  And photos of the Man Muffins I baked appeared on my Foodie Friday posts.

I have enjoyed combining the posts between the two blogs.  

Last year I stepped out on faith (this was right at the time everyone was thinking about leaving fb!) and  I began using Facebook more as I found I could connect with Authors to invite them to the events I offer.  I started my fb group Our Homemaking  Journeys. 

A few short weeks ago I began my 2nd Fb group. A private group exclusively for Authors who write Cozy Mysteries, Clean Romance and Inspirational Romantic Suspense called . . . 

  We're All Characters 

My thanks to Author Diane Kelly for submitting the name. 

If you would like to know more about the events you can send a message or leave a comment on this post.  

Click Here to visit my fb page.

And now let's see the new feature . . .

This feature is open weekly. 

Please contact me if you have a recipe for me to feature on Menu Monday and Foodie Friday. 

On the day the post is featured I will write a post here featuring a book of your choosing. 

Each post will be linked at blog parties on social media.

If you have questions or wish to be featured send an email or stop by my fb page.

Lets cook together!

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