Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Chat With Author Sara Blackard


Welcome!  Today join me for a 'Fictional' dinner with Author Sara Blackard.  

Sara's invited us to join her in Tok, Alaska 

If we could meet for a meal in 'Real Life' where (in Alaska) would be we meet. What would we eat?

Fast Eddy’s right her in Tok! It’s a world famous main stay in Alaska. I’d schedule our meet up for Friday night so we could have the prime rib special (a-mazing!!)

Since we're talking about food do you like Nuts in your Chocolate? Yes!! I’m nutty.

I am fascinated with life in Alaska. Are you a native?

Nope. We moved here 11 years ago.

What is your favorite part of living in Alaska? 

I love the adventure and freedom that comes from living in Interior Alaska.

Anything you don't like? 

The cold. I’m not gonna lie. -40s and -50s temperatures aren’t fun. It’s nuts to think that there is a difference between -20 and -40, but there is. One is tolerable. The other is instantly painful. The worst was when our septic froze at -48. Using the outhouse at that temperature isn’t something I want to experience again.


If you could move anywhere or have a 2nd home where would you move? 

The Caribbean. We’re actually making a 10 year plan and looking at areas we would want a 2nd home. While we want to stay in Alaska, it’d be nice to have a warm place to go when the months were cold and dark.

When your not writing and stuck inside do you have a hobby that keeps you from getting my cabin fever?

I’m pretty boring. Between homeschooling my 5 kids and my writing, I don’t have much time for serious hobbies right now. I love reading, and once winter and the snow arrives, I’ll start playing with snow dying garments again. It’s where you use snow to slow down the dyeing process. The result is a really pretty effect from the pigments in the dyes separating and merging in unexpected ways.

Let's chat about books. But first do you have a pet that keeps you company when you write? 

 Pup the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon keeps me company each morning as I’m writing.

Describe your writing space 

 Right now? It’s a hot mess. My writing space is a table pushed against the side of our fridge in our addition. It’s dark and has too much foot traffic, but at the moment it has to work. We have been slowly building our house.  

This winter my office will hopefully get done. In the meantime, my workspace isn’t the norm.


I met you when I got the chance to read Falling For Zeke and I fell for the series! Can we expect more in the series? 

There are seven books in the Stryker Security Force series. The series is complete and ready to binge. That said, my latest series, Alaska Rebels, picks up characters we meet in the Stryker series, and I may be expanding the Stryker gang to a new office location. Not sure about that yet, though.

Do you write in other genres?

I also write sweet and clean romantic comedies.


Which is your favorite?

Oh, goodness. I can’t pick. I love them both for completely different reasons. I love the adventure romantic suspense for the action and danger. I love the romcoms for the chance to be funny and the challenge of writing in a different style.


If you could take one of your Characters and research anywhere in the world where would you go? I’d take Chloe from Crashing Into Jake and invade Zeke’s private island in a classified location. She keeps things interesting, plus we could eat the same things.

I think I want to go with you! 

This was so fun thanks for dinner! 

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