Friday, April 29, 2022

Paul Madison P.I. by Sharon Michaels My Review


About the book  
Travel back to Chicago in the 1970’s and 1980’s and step into the lives of…
A handsome and determined Private Investigator protected by a rather unique spirit guide.
A smart and beautiful Medical Examiner who won’t give up until she uncovers the deadly truth.
A family of pizza baking mobsters who will stop at nothing to defend their criminal empire.

A short read cozy filled with mystery, romance, and a touch of magic.
This is the story of Paul Madison PI, an idealistic cop turned private investigator. He will not rest until he figures out the real reason so many “accidents” are happening in his neighborhood. To his way of thinking these “accidents” are too coincidental and need to be taken seriously.

Paul Madison P.I. is Book 1 in the Paul Madison cozy mystery series
Lies Threats Kidnappings is Book 2 (Coming June 2022)
Set-Up Betrayal Murder is Book 3 (Coming July 2022)

**The Paul Madison short read series is also the prequel to the Oscar the Doxie Detective cozy mystery series. You can find the Oscar the Doxie Detective series on my Amazon Author Page.**

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And I thought  . . . 

I loved the cover!  Makes you just want to read it! 

I turned the pages at break neck speed after being lured in right from page 1. 

I liked that the author began the story waaay back when our main character was only in a little boy.

Young Paul was in awe of his grandfather a veteran police officer.  Paul loved to listen to his grandfathers stories about being a police officer. 

Fast forwarding a few years and a few chapters later young Paul has grown up and becomes a police officer just like his grandfather. 

And now Paul is on quest.  Someone killed his grandfather and Paul knows who is behind his execution and the other crime afflicting thier little burb. 

With the help of the M.E. that Paul just happens to have a romantic relationship with they uncover clues and watch each other's backs to bring justice to their little world. 

Paul has the help of his neighbors dog that sadly meets his maker.  But this is fiction there's something about that dog. 

Read on . . . 

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