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Flared Stiff by Julie Ann Lindsey My Review


About the book 

Cake, cocktails and… murder?

Bonnie’s embracing the big 4-0 and all it has to offer, including a celebratory night out with friends. The evening is a perfect blend of fun and fabulous, until the local love guru, Gretchen, is confronted by a client’s spouse, who’s displeased by a prediction of new romance in his wife’s future. Gretchen excuses herself to sort the situation, but in the morning, the man is dead. Stabbed with a cake knife from her True Love collection.

When Bonnie’s friends turn to her for help unwrapping the truth, she quickly moves saving Gretchen’s reputation to the top of her birthday list.

Can she make her wish for answers come true? Or will the killer give Bonnie the next slice?

And I thought 

Another great page turner!  

Julie Ann Lindsey knows how to pen a tale and develop characters and settings that make you sad to turn the last page. 

But as always we are left with a little teaser making you anxiously wait for more and the next one!  No spoilers but there just might be a wedding or two in the Charming and Cozy Town of Bliss next time. 

But before anyone can think about weddings another murder happens and Bonnie and her best friend Cami's boyfriends begin acting just a little squirrely.

Dean Cami's FBI guy seems to be putting on the breaks. 

While Bonnie and Mason move forward all the while they are watching thier backs while they investigate the current murder.  

Over the course of the series Mason has given up on trying  to keep Bonnie  from nosing in on investigations.   But he has convinced Bonnie  to keep him in the loop as she looks for clues and chats it up with suspects and towns people.  

It's  a good thing Bliss is a small town making it easy to get to Bonnie  when she gets herself into trouble. 

The Bonnie & Clyde series is filled with fun and enjoyable characters. 

Fun plots and a charming town. 

Each book is written as a stand alone.  Start the series any time. 

Be warned you might want them all!  The series is available on Amazon.  Purchase  links are below. 

Many thanks to author Julie Ann Lindsey for   me a sneak peek.  

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

The series 

Bonnie & Clyde Mysteries

A kitty cozy mystery series brimming with small town h

ijinks and deep south charm!

Welcome to beautiful, bountiful, Bliss, Georgia, where the days arel long, the pace is slow, and shopping can be murder. Visit Bonnie Balfour and her mischievous black cat, Clyde, as they welcome shoppers to Bless Her Heart, their delightful second chance shop on the newly revitalized town square – and help the unappreciative new sheriff solve a local murder or two along the way.

Don’t forget to sample the sweets on Bonnie’s refreshments table and check your pockets before you go, cause her sweet kitty has notoriously sticky paws! 

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