Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Author Interview-TONYA KAPPES Author-AX TO GRIND

Welcome.  Today we have a treat.  Tonya Kappes is visiting and sharing a little about her book
Ax To Grind!

Welcome Tonya I am delighted to have you visit the blog! 

I am looking forward to reading Ax To Grind for The Great Escapes Tour. 

I love to ask this question because I am a dog lover.  Just wondering do you have a dog or a cat the has your heart? Oh don't follow me on social media! Hahahaa! My dogs have their own group of fans. I have two Schnauzers, Charlie and Scooter. Charlie kinda steals the show because over the past three years he's gone on 19 medications a day for Congestive Heart Failure, a back leg amputation and a toe amputation on his only back leg...Scooter is just a little ornery. But all my readers LOVE Charlie. Plus, there's always a dog or cat in my books.

Kitty Kappes was my own personal grumpy cat that also had her own fan club, but sadly she passed away a year ago.

Do you have any little guilty pleasures that you indulge in when you writing? YES! Coffee...lots and lots of coffee...and that's just not when writing. It's all the time!

Which is more intriguing as a place to write.  A private island?  A cabin in the woods?
The busy city? A cabin in the woods. Only because if I was on a private island, i'd want to be outside in the warm sand with my eyes closed. I can work inside looking over an amazing wooded area all day long. No thanks on the city! I'm a country girl.

Is this your first tour with Lori at Great Escapes?  No way! I only use Lori and I've got over 45 published books.

I noticed that you have several series.  I am curious is the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series a spinoff from the Killer Coffee Series? Oh no. Two separate series all together. Kenni Lowry Mystery Series is a bit paranormal while Killer Coffee Series is a straight cozy mystery.

All your titles seem so fun.  I can’t wait to read a few! 

At the risk of hurting feelings can you share with us your favorite of all your series?  (we won’t tell) Hmmm...all of them.

Which series has been the easiest to write?  Hardest? All of them for both answers!

Let’s chat a little about Ax To Grind  I haven’t read it yet so I am very curious about the title?  Ha! We try to stick with names that are more southern and true to Kentucky sayings. All the titles in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series will be a play on words.

What scene in the book do you like most? I love when Kenni gets to work with the ghost of her Poppa because they are good at solving crimes and playing off of each other. All of those scenes are fun to write.

If you were to have coffee with one of the cast who would you choose? I would go to Honey Springs, Kentucky at The Bean Hive because I know Roxy Bloom in the Killer Coffee Mystery Series can make a great cup!

You’ve gotten me really interested.  I hate to cut this little chat short but I think I need to go and read Ax To Grind! 

Thanks so much for chatting today.  I hope you have a Great tour!

About the author 

For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been publishing numerous mystery and romance titles with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plot lines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans.
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