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Gone with the Wings A Meera Patell Mystery-Book Review/Interview

About the book 
Author Leena Clover announces a brand new cozy mystery series set in a small Oklahoma college town. Mystery readers will enjoy this culinary cozy murder mystery featuring plenty of yummy recipes like Masala Fried Chicken and Shish Kabob Blue Plate Special.

Meera Patel is back home with the family after she dropped out of graduate school. Now she shelves books for a living and rustles up fusion recipes at Sylvie’s Cafe & Diner. Everything is fine until her old nemesis Prudence Walker floats up in the local pond. Meera is accused of murder! Well, she did publicly declare Prudence would drop dead.
Meera cries foul and screams police harassment. But she has no defense when she is accused of a second crime. Flanked by pals Tony and Becky, Meera puts in the leg work, trying to solve clues and discard red herrings.
Fall in Oklahoma has never been more exciting.
Cozy mystery fans will love this new mystery series featuring an Asian American amateur sleuth. There is a full cast of characters with a professor father, young sibling, old grandparents, loyal friends and a candid glimpse into South Asian culture.
And I thought
A fun start to a new series.  I always like it when I get into a new series. 

Gone With The Wings is a nice clean Cozy read. 
No language.  No bedroom scenes.  Just good reading. 

Meera Patell and her pals are entertaining and provide the reader with a look into a loving and close knit family.  
When Meera becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a collegue (who happens to have a crush on Meera's father) she 
recruites her friends and family to help her investigate. 
Before much investigating can happen the police's prime witness turns up missing after having a heated discussion with Meera. 
The story revolves around Meera's search for other suspects and for Jyothi the suspect who turns up missing. 
Meera's family is a close knit group that does 'life' together. 
There is always an event or group dinner with lots of good food. 

Gone With The Wings was a fun introduction to a new series. 

I enjoyed the characters.  (See my character interview below.)

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
This review will appear on all retail sites where available.
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Character Interview with Anthony Sinclair aka Tony

Good morning Tony.  Thanks for stopping by the blog before you work shift.
No problem, Sherry. I worked some magic so the gas station is taken care of while we chat. Appreciate you having me over.

Do you mind if we chat a little about Meera and the adventures there in  your neck of the woods in Ohlahoma.
Not at all. Go for it.

For some reason I was thinking that maybe you were related doesn’t Meera refer to your mom as her aunt?
Oh that? (chuckles) That’s a culture thing. We’re not really related. Not by a long shot. Now how can I explain? It’s common to address older people as ‘Uncle’ or ‘Aunt’ in India. Most people are familiar with Dennis the Menace. If Dennis were a kid in India, he would typically address George Wilson as ‘Uncle’, rather than ‘Mr. Wilson.’
Our family’s relations with the Patels go deeper than that, of course. My mom was friends with Meera’s Dad first and then with her mom too. They were as close as siblings. So Meera calls my mother Aunt Reema. My mom is like a daughter to the older Patels. So they are like my grandparents by extension.
All said, I don’t share any blood with Meera. No Ma’am!

So what if I might ask is the relationship between you guys?
We’re friends. Best buds. Really good friends.

So you’ve know each a long time?
Since we were tiny tots. I don’t remember a time when Meera wasn’t part of my life.

So would have imagined that Meera had such a talent for sleuthing?

Certainly not for finding dead bodies! Meera’s always been sharp as a tack. She’s good at all the analytical stuff. She’s so much sharper than me. She’s always a couple of moves ahead of ya. Know what I mean?

You seem to always be ready to jump in and help when there is adventure or a need for investigating.
Oh yeah…why not? Running a gas station can get pretty boring. And Swan Creek’s not exactly hopping like a big city. 

Are you just around to keep Meera and everyone out of trouble or do you have a little hidden longing to be a P.I maybe?
I’m along for the ride. And Meera needs someone to watch her back. The P.I stuff is too new to comment on. It’s more Meera’s thing, I guess.

So without giving away the story did you have a clue as to what really happened to Prudence?
No way. Who would’ve thunk, hunh?

Ya’ll sure do spend a lot of time eating together.  Do you have a favorite dish you are hoping is being served when you arrive for a meal or snack?
Oh yeah, I can eat! You can’t live in the South and not like food. And you can’t live in a town that has Sylvie’s Diner and not like food. I’m loving all the fusion recipes Meera’s cooking up. Her Masala Fried Chicken is my favorite. And those kabobs! Wait till you taste her lamb curry or samosas.

So I know you must have some hobby or sports your into. (All guys do) what Keeps you busy when your not working or hanging out with pal’s?
I went to college on a football scholarship. Then I busted my knee. Then a whole lot of other bad stuff happened. The gas station and my pals is all I have going on right now. 

Well I know it is getting late and your due at work.
Thanks so much for stopping in.  It was a lot of fun to chat.

Drop by anytime maybe you can bring Meera next time!
Thanks Sherry. This was fun. Wait till I tell Meera about this.

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