Thursday, September 28, 2017

Book Review-Until Love Finds You-

Until Love Finds You

About the book 
Pamela Aares’ USA Today bestselling Tavonesi Series continues with another suspenseful, page-turning and heart-warming novel about the healing power of love.
Reclusive tech billionaire Evan Forbes finds himself lost and lonely in the secretive world he’s cloaked around himself. He may have changed the way the world communicates with his innovative, high-tech businesses, but the language of the heart has brought nothing but pain.
When Evan meets the vivacious heiress Coco Tavonesi on a garden tour, she fires a spark of desire he can’t resist. Pretending to be an ordinary computer geek, he conceals his true identity and accepts the thirty-dollar an hour job she offers, tracking down a hacker who’s stolen her prized nature photographs. After years of hiding his famous name and his own incredible wealth behind a disguise, has he met the woman worth revealing himself to? Can he risk his heart?
Coco doesn’t count on falling for the sexy techie, but when she playfully snaps a photo of Evan, his resulting anger triggers fears from her past. What does he have to hide? Is Evan the quirky, sweet geek he seems, or yet another fortune hunter using this chance to get close to her?
When Evan discovers that Coco is being hacked by a high-level genius, he’s determined to bring the criminal down. But the hacker accesses Coco’s photos of Evan and threatens blackmail and violence, and suddenly the secrets Coco and Evan have kept from one another endanger not only the love blooming between them, but their very lives.

And I thought
As my regular readers know I rarely give 5 stars.  Guess what this one is worthy.  

I didn't really know what to expect when I was offered the opportunity to read Until Love Finds You. I was hoping a good romance to entertain for a few hours. 

Until Love Finds You was much more than a romance story to pass the time.  There is a little intrigued woven into the story. 
How could there not be when a few of Cocoa's family members 
are spies and P.I's.  

Cocoa and Evan meet when she goes to her brother for help with her computer.  Evan happens to be at her brothers nursery and ends up offering to 'take a look' at the computer.    Which ends up being a bit of a stumbling block for their budding relationship.  
Cocoa assumes Evan is just a computer geek.  When he doesn't tell her the truth about who he really is the deception seems to get out of control. 

As the story unfolds and Evan finds some strange yet familiar code buried inside Cocoa's computer he begins to wonder and worry what is going on.  Once he finally tells her after her computer  and phone are compromised  Cocoa realizes that the culprit might just be someone who has tried to cause harm to her family in the past.  

The plot was very good and gave the reader a little more than just a sweet romance.  Sweet romance it was. Though Cocoa and Evan just 'hit it off' and are immediately attracted to each other making the ploy/story line fast paced.  

There were only a few other characters involved in the plot. But each Cocoa's sisters, Evan's close friend Murray all make short appearances.    

Realizing that Until Love Finds is book 10 in the series I suspect all the characters are woven into each others stories.  

This is a series that I really look forward to reading each installment.  I am expecting I'll be giving out 9 more 5 star

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