Friday, September 8, 2017

The Real Thing by Melissa Foster-Review

The Real Thing (Sugar Lake Book 1)
About the book 
Bakery owner Willow Dalton’s friendship with Zane Walker has always been a bit complicated. Now a scrumptiously hot A-list actor, Zane’s always had a reputation as a player. He’s arrogant, and he’s definitely not boyfriend material. Sure, he did Willow a favor by agreeing to take her virginity before college, but is that reason enough for her to go along with a fake engagement a decade later—even if it comes with a real diamond ring?
And I thought
Two words
Oh My
What a great start to a new series.  I can not wait for more.  I am just wondering which of the fun and endearing characters will end up in the next one! 
I loved this sweet little romance.  
And not just because it was filled with sweet treats from the sweet shop!  
It was just a fun and happy read.  
The Real Thing was the Real Thing a great romance that just had this reader turning pages and hating that it was ending.  

The is some sizzle.  Not something I would want my teenager to read.  However they were sweet bedroom scenes.  

No language.  But a little descriptive in the bedroom.  My mother wouldn't read it.  But would yous?

I loved the characters.  All of them and there were alot!  Willow has 4 sisters.  I think! (To keep up with it all you can visit 
Melissa website.  She has all the series in order and the family 

Piper who didn't trust Zane. 
Bridgette who was really hurt by Willow and Zane's little lie

and there's. . . 
Single brother Ben.  He's Zane's best friend, confidante and supporter.

All the characters including Zane's co-star Remi the girl he has to kissNot to give away the story but once Zane and Willow 'get together' he has a hard time kissing.  She's not a typical Holleywood Startlet.  She was sweet and became friends with Willow.

Zane's friend and business manager Patch is just another fun loving single guy not opposed to romancing Willow's sister.  

The Real Thing was a really good read.  I am looking forward to visiting the town of Sweet Water again and catching up with Willow and her family!

For me The Real Thing was a 5 star read.  I don't give 
5 stars often.    Check it out to see what I mean.  

I received a complimentary copy from Tasty Tours
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