Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Complete 5 Star Book Review-Ax To Grind by Tonya Kappes

About the book 
Southerners keep their secrets swept under the rug, but what happens when that rug goes up for sale?
Bestselling author Berlye Stone, the most famous citizen to ever come out of Cottonwood, Kentucky, has died and put all her worldly possessions up for auction, but not without leaving one more manuscript behind. A hidden tell-all about Cottonwood that’s got more gossip than a ladies’ luncheon.
When Beryle’s assistant turns up with an ax in her back and the only witness is in a coma, Sheriff Kenni Lowry reckons someone in town will do anything to keep the manuscript from seeing the light of day. Her poppa’s ghost returns to help piece together the life of the Beryle he once knew, but his memory’s a little foggy, and any misstep could cause them a world of trouble. With the help of Deputy Finn Vincent, can Kenni sort through the secrets buried in Beryle’s books, or will this be her final chapter?i
And I thought 
I was captivated and turning the pages all the way to the very end when Who Really Did It was revealed.  And just sayin it's a good thing I am not a cop because I was totally taken by surprise.

But that's a good thing because that makes Ax To Grind a 5 star read for me!  5 stars  aren't given away here easily. 

 Congratulations to Kenni, Finn, Poppa and all the other quirky

And of course to the amazing Tonya Kappes.  Thank you Tonya for visiting the blog and providing the readers with this amazing series!  

Ax to Grind was a twisty turny ride all the way to the end.   As we follow along with Kenni, her ghost Poppa and the ever present 
Finn to catch the killer.  

We take a twisty turny ride Kenni in the end as she rushes along with Kiwi the bird that see's and tells only a little bit of what she has seen.    In the end Kiwi along with sweet and Hattie and the victim of the axe eilding murder the story goes awry and takes a wild and crazy turn.

I hope I have your interest peeked enough to give this book a try!  

I loved Axe To Grind.

And btw I mentioned in my previous post I was turning pages to find out Who Dun It and if the sizzle turns into flames.  

The answers are  Who Dun It is revealed.

And the sizzle...well Finn tells Kenni 'We make a good team'.  

We'll have to read the next one to see where that goes!

Ax To Grind is a 5 star book perfect for any reader. 
There is no language and no bedroom scenes. 

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
This review will appear on retail sites where available. 
This review will appear on Good Reads and the My Journey Back blog.  

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