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Broken Promises by Anne Willow-A Great Escapes Tour-Book Review/Giveaway

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
Julia was in a search of a way out…a way back to herself.
The passing of her favorite aunt sends her to the small artist town of Grand Marais, nestled along the northern coast of Lake Superior. There she starts to weave the tattered threads of a new life, rediscovering her love of sketching, while running the antique shop, Past Imperfect. Everything is finally going right. Until a mysterious package arrives, tucked inside is an ornate silver letter opener bearing the initials E.C. along with an even more mysterious note. Julia’s natural curiosity piqued, but before she can discover who sent the letter opener, it’s found embedded in Tom Peterson’s chest. The tapestry of her new life begins to unravel as she is named a prime suspect. Now, left with few clues and a past not willing to let her go, Julia works to solve the mystery and the murder.
Infidelity through time and a curse that only she can break – once she figures out how.
Interview with the author
Welcome  I am delighted to have you visit the blog! 
Have you ever visited a blog before? 

No. I'm a bundle of nervous excitement, but looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to reading Broken Promises for The Great Escapes Tour.  
Thank you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I love to ask this question because I am a dog lover.  Just wondering do you have a dog or a cat the has your heart?

Although Julia has a cat in her antique shop. My heart belongs to a rescue Staffy pup named Maeve. She was a little pup being dominated by her litter mates, but never let them best her. So, we named her after an Irish warrior queen.

Do you have any little guilty pleasures that you indulge in when you writing? 

If you promise not to tell, when I get stuck in a scene, I load up World of Warcraft and go on a dungeon raid. 

Which is more intriguing as a place to write.   A private island?  A cabin in the woods?  The busy city?

I love the idea of a cabin in the woods. We live along the north shore, so have the woods to one side and Lake Superior at our door. I love hearing the lake, especially at night.

Is this your first tour with Lori at Great Escapes?  

It is. 

Can you tell us how you chose the location of Lake Superior for the book?

Before we moved here, my husband and I would visit twice a year. It was our favorite place to recharge the batteries and decompress while he was working on his graduate degree. When he finished, it was the first place we wanted to move to permanently. 

Is Gran Marais a fictional town?

Nope. Grand Maris is the last town along Hwy 61 as you drive north to Canada. We get a lot of summer visitors, but fall is my absolute favorite. 

Let’s chat a little about  Broken Promises  I haven’t read it yet so I am very curious about the title?

I know most cozy mysteries use a play on words, but Broken Promises covers the thread that weaves the past and present together. Promises broken others to Julia and those she made to herself.

I love the cover art.   How much input did you have in it’s development?

I love that picture. It was taken by my husband and depicts on of my favorite (also Julia's) spot on Artist Point.

What scene in the book do you like most?

Without giving away too much. When Julia starts reading a journal entry and discovers the history of an object she receives in the mail. While finding out about its history, she ends up discovering something about herself and it's both exciting and scary for her.

If you were to have coffee with one of the cast who would you choose?

As much as I love Julia, I would love to sit and have coffee with Jacob. He's part of the coffee clutch and has been in Grand Marais for a long time. He's an artist, but has also seen a bit of the world. I would love to hear his stories. 

You’ve gotten me really interested!  I can’t wait to receive my copy!

I hope you like it.

Congratulations on the new book!

Thanks so much for chatting today.  I hope you have a Great tour!

Thank you for inviting me.

Read an excerpt
Jack stooped down. Gently easing her had away fro her mouth, "it's alright. I'll check the report and have the patrol drive by the shop to look in on things tonight." Jack's soft tone eased Julia's fear. Julia looked at him, she could happily lose herself in his smile. His fingers lingered on her's for a moment before abruptly pulling away and standing upright. "I'll check into things and let you know. For the time being, don't leave town." Jack's tone was all business.

       Julia nodded, still feeling the unexpected softness of his touch. Looking up, she found Jack still                    watching her. Silence fell between them, broken by the shrill ring from his phone.

And I thought 
It's like the saying goes  'Don't judge a book by it's cover.'   I kind of hate to say it but I did do just that.  I learned when I interviewed the author Anne Willow that the cover photo was one her husband took.  I liked the cover and the photo but I just wasn't sure it captured the essence of the story.  

Now if I had read that excerpt I would have been picking this one up for sure while wondering if  Jack becomes a 'friend'.

If you were like me and skipped over Broken Promises give it another chance.  

You'll find a charming and interesting town.  A just as charming 
leading lady and a good ole mystery that just might keep you guessing.   

I enjoyed journeying along with Julia as she tries to start over and make a new life after a broken marriage.  Things don't turn out as simple and easy as she had hoped when she moved to the small quiet town of Gran Marais.  No one expects such a quaint little town to end up being the location of mystery and murder.   

Broken Promises is a great read and a fun beginning that promises a great series.  

If you enjoy cozy mysteries check it out!

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