Monday, November 6, 2017

Snowbound With An Heiress-Book Review-Lola's Blog Tours

Snowbound with an Heiress

About the book 
Stranded in the snow—together!
Heiress Serena Winston has gone off the grid for the holidays! She’s staying in a remote cabin in the Alps, looking to get away from it all…
Since losing his wife, Christmas isn’t the same for TV presenter Jackson Bennett. He goes where the work takes him, this time to Austria. But when an American beauty runs him off the road in a blizzard and a storm leaves them stranded, it seems like a disaster. Until their time alone turns into an unexpected Christmas to remember!

And I thought
A super romance for any audience.  I loved my introduction to 
Jennifer Faye and her work. 

Snowbound Heiress is one you need to be prepared to read. 
Schedule a few hours.  Have yourself a cup of tea or your favorite beverage. Put dinner in the crock pot settle in for a cozy read.  

This is a super fast paced story that gets you going right from the beginning.  There is no yawning here.   

Jackson is a super leading man.  He is sweet , charming trustworthy.  And easy on the eyes.  

Serena is a sweet gentle spirit trying to escape from a past and lifestyle that is daunting.  

As the two meet the sparks smolder and then simmer into a full blown sweet romance.  

With the bedroom door closed the reader can experience a sweet romance without a blush.  

This book is appropriate for any age.  

I received a complimentary copy from Lola's Blog Tours and the author Jennifer Faye. 
This review will appear on retail sites where available. 
This review will appear on Good Reads 

This review will appear on the My Journey Back blog on a date in the near future. 

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