Friday, March 19, 2021

Arrowed by Avery Daniels Great Escapes Tour Review/Giveaway

About the book

It all began when a dying man with an arrow in his chest grabs her ankle.


During a heatwave at a Santa Fe resort, Julienne has the resort owner pressuring her to solve the murder. The victim is a high profile businessman who made enemies rather than friends, leaving Julienne with a roster of suspects. She was supposed to be training the staff and spending quality time with Mason rather than investigating a murder. The heat turns up when an old girlfriend of Mason’s checks in and is determined to get back together.

And I thought

I was turning the pages and enjoying every minute.

I was becoming enamored with Julianne.  I was scratching my head and thinking Hmm.  About Mason.  But I couldn't help think is he 'For Real'.  I was envisioning Fabio from the description.  And I just wasn't sure he was on the Up and Up.  At least until the end.  

In the end everything and everyone came together for me.

Julianne solved the mystery.  I liked how the police allowed her involvement in the investigation.  It was refreshing to read a book where the Sleuthing Main Character wasn't downed at every turn by the boyfriend and law enforcement! 

I really enjoyed Arrowed. 

And then I did a double take bopped myself in the head when I realized 'My Duh Moment'!  I have met these characters before! 

I read Iced book 1 when it was on tour with Great Escapes.  You can read my review over Here 

I missed the books in between that develope Julianne and Mason's characters and relationship.  

Each book is written as a standalone.  

I have a couple on my Wish list!

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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  1. Hello there,
    I'm so glad that you enjoyed Arrowed and remembered Iced. Yes, Mason and Julienne went through some tough times in book 2 and 3 that you will get to experience now.
    FYI, I enjoyed Trixie as a kid too!