Friday, March 12, 2021

Convincing Derrick by Sara Blackard


About the book 

An ex-Army operator defining a new life by rescuing abused horses. A socialite striving to escape her devious family. Will the evil that threatens them rip them apart?


Derrick Nicholson’s last fifteen years have been spent living the life his older brother never got to have.


After a tragic accident took his brother, Derrick has become obsessed with perfection. Everything has to be triple checked. He’ll never allow his lack of attention to cause disaster again. Too bad Kiki Payne, his friend and housemate, is a distraction he can’t seem to ignore.


Kiki Payne’s life has always been one of status and leisure. But the veneer shatters when she uncovers her parents’ plot to steal a child from her mother.


Now, every move Kiki makes is to separate herself from her dishonorable parents. While her friends and housemates at Stryker Security bleed honor and truth, she wonders if the corruption of her family will always taint her. Yet, the acceptance of the team gives her hope for a better future.


When a case of mistaken identity has Derrick, Kiki, and her niece abducted, will they be able to overcome insurmountable obstacles to find freedom?


If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's riveting inspirational security romance series.

And I thought 

There's a lot that I liked about book 6 in the  Stryker Security Force series.

I had the chance to read book 1  and fell in love with these characters.  

Each of the books is written as a standalone.  

If this series is new to you don't worry about stepping in at any point.

The characters from the previous books make cameo appearances in Convincing Derrick 

always stepping in and making sure there is a happy ending.  

There is much to like about this one.  I have a soft spot for animals especially Horses and so does Derrick.   

Kiki's introduction by Derrick to two abused and neglected mares spoke to me.

Seeing Author Sara Blackard's spot on discripton in the scenes in living the horses told me that her writing is spot on. 

There is alot of Camando in this book.  The challenges that Derrick faced when he, Kiki and little Eva are kidnapped reminded me of Rambo. 

And for this reader that is a good thing.

Author Sara Blackard not only gives the reader a Suspense filled store but her characters trust in God and pray themselves through the Drama, fear and near death experiences they encounter.  

I truly not only liked Convincing Derrick I loved it.

I am looking forward to the chance to read the books I've missed at #7 when it releases.

I am glad I was introduced to Sara Blackard and the Stryker Force Series.

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I received a complimentary copy.

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