Thursday, March 11, 2021

Where There's Smoke There's Arson by .E. Haggerty Great Escapes Tours

About the book  

Bernadette didn’t smoke. The fire couldn’t have been an accident!


Oh boy, the gray-haired knitters are at it again. Of course, they are. It’s been way too long since they ‘solved’ a mystery. But the investigator determined the fire at the craft store was caused by an unattended lit cigarette. Arson isn’t even a remote possibility. Except the owner Bernadette didn’t smoke and now she’s dead.


When Bernadette’s granddaughter asks me to look into the matter, the knitters practically cheer. They are on the case!


But is there even a case? Or are we seeing murder and arson where there’s merely smoke?

And I thought 

A fun new series  for this reader.  I have read several  other books by the Author  and  loved  them.

D.E. Haggerty  brings the reader a great Coxy Mystery  in short form.

These are super fast read for busy days.

But they are packed with Mystery  and great characters  that you will fall in love with.  

I lived my introduction  to the these fin wnd quirky Grandma knitters.  And the younger set too.  

Ivy and her husband  Noel the cop are tun engaging and sweet in their acceptance  of the Grandmas.  Even though they can overstep a bit!

I really  enjoyed  this one and plan to read more in the series.  

I received  a complimentary  copy.

My review  will appear on Amazon  and  Good Reads.

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked the gray-haired troublemakers (as I call them when they're not around)