Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas New Releases offered by Faith Books

Miracle Inn (Christmas at the Inn Book 22) by Regina Walker

Layla left Double Creek and she left behind the things that held her down. She swore she'd never move back, even after her best friend, Megan, returned to their small hometown. Everything changed when Layla's grandmother got hurt, and now Layla is back in Double Creek. Running her grandmother's beloved inn, Layla realizes she's not the same girl that left this town.

Jacob Haskill is just a cowboy. Punching cows, baling hay, and fixing fences are all he knows. Well, and he's had a crush on Layla since grade school. Her return gives him hope that maybe now she'll finally notice him. Riding in on a white horse, Jacob determines to save Layla from what troubles her, and to help her save the inn, too.

But is a cowboy on a white horse really what a paramedic-turned-inn-manager needs?

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To Rescue My Love (A Christmas Surprise) by J.E. Grace

Jake Prosser, owner of Prosser Ranch in Nortonville, Colorado had fallen hard when he met the love of his life. He trusted God for his future, but nothing went as planned. It appears he must endure more than he ever expected, and can his faith withstand it all?

Emma Wright, kidnapped by outlaws, leaving behind a life she loved, now spends time imprisoned in a strange town. Held by an abusive man, she only dreams of her escape. An unexpected event and help from someone she didn’t expect, brings her freedom, but only to suffer another fate. It seems she can’t win but never gives up hope.

Will God heal their broken hearts and bring them the happiness they desire?

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