Friday, December 23, 2022

Katrina The Christmas Quilt Series by Annee Jones My Review


About the book 

She knew the trip could be difficult, but she never imagined it’d change her life…

An unfortunate stagecoach accident leaves Katrina with no memory of who she is and where she was headed. The only clues to her identity are stitched in hand-sewn quilt, but to unravel them she must traverse across the countryside and find someone willing to answer her many questions.

Luke, the man who saved her after the accident and is now providing shelter for her, volunteers to travel with her. Their journey and those they meet along the way provide some clues, but unless she can stitch the pieces together, she may never learn the truth about who she is and why she was traveling on that fateful day.

Will she and Luke find the answers she so desperately needs or have memories faded and secrets remained intact?

And I thought  

A heartwarming holiday read featuring two of my favorite things quilts (quilting) and Christmas. 

Katrina is part of the Christmas Quilt Series written by several authors.  

Author Annee Jones gives the reader a sweet story with some mystery too since Katrina has lost her memory.  Being able to write a good story set in a historical setting makes me feel like the author is good at her craft. 

The characters draw you into the story and are easily likeable. 

I have enjoyed several books written by Annee Jones and look forward to reading more. 

And reading the other books in the series.  

I received my a complimentary copy.

My review will be appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

The series 

This is a multiple author series available on Amazon.  Click the purchase link for Katrina and you can find the links to the rest of the series. 

Buy the book 

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