Monday, December 19, 2022

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Cowboy Marrying the Lady 

by Jessie Gussman 

Tadgh O’Reilly followed the racehorse he fell in love with across the ocean and to the barren fields of North Dakota.

Content to live with his young daughter in his small, caretaker’s cottage as long as he gets to see his beloved Thoroughbred every day, he never dreams that his life is missing something very important.

Ashley Christensen can’t believe she ran off the road and got stuck in a snow drift. But that’s just as well. After all, the heiress was running from a life she just couldn’t stand anymore. When a kindly Irishman takes her in for the duration of the storm, she pretends to have amnesia, just so she doesn’t have to answer any difficult questions.

Happy living with Tadgh, Ashley doesn’t want to leave, but when her past comes out, will she lose the only thing that’s ever been real to her?

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Listen Free 

Until We All Run Free 

by Heather Wood

Jed and Jack Young may be brothers by birth, but as orphans, their separate upbringings produced polarizing results. Now that the Civil War is over, the brothers look forward to settling into the next chapter of their lives as they learn to walk in their new faith. Each brother's ideal happily-ever-after is the other's worst nightmare - and when that nightmare becomes their own reality, their relationship with each other is threatened. Mary Pierce has a picture-perfect life with three beautiful daughters and a husband who adores her. When tragedy alters the course of her life, Mary has to lean on God in deeper ways as she learns to navigate a confusing and painful new path. Face to face with their greatest fears, Jed, Jack, and Mary must anchor themselves in the unchanging character of God, holding fast the belief that what God is doing in them is greater than their pain. As they each overcome sin, learn everyday obedience, and find peace in surrender, they discover there are no dark corners in their lives that God’s grace won’t illuminate and His power can't resurr

A Christmas Candle for Eleanor 

(Mail-Order Brides' First Christmas Book 12) 

by Regina Walker

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