Thursday, February 15, 2018

Murder on Valentine's Day-Book Review-Promotional Book Tours

About the book (provided by Promotional Book Tours)
Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries can be read in 1-2 hours. Perfect for when you’re waiting for an appointment or just want a fast read. Don’t miss out on this quick, clean, cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the end!
It’s Valentine’s Day and 20-year-old Emma Wright just wants her crush to take notice of her. But Colby Davidson, the K9 search and rescue deputy only thinks of her as a kid sister. How will she get him to take her seriously?
When her veterinarian boss calls her to pick up a cat at a potential crime scene, she finds herself at the house of the richest woman in Ridgeway. Her father—the sheriff—and Colby are there. They both dismiss the untimely death as a heart attack, but Emma finds clues that it might be something more. Did the software billionaire die of natural causes, or was it murder?
And I thought
Murder on Valentin's Day was a super fast and fun read!  I loved this little book.  
The characters are charming.  Emma is sweet and delightful and a super sleuth.  It takes no time for her nose around and figure out what was going on and that there really was a murder and who actually did it!  Literally using her nose her allergies to cats help her figure out who the villain is but almost puts her directly into danger when she finds herself alone in his town home.  with the culprit.  And realizes no one knows where she is.  
Without skipping a beat Emma 'beats it' and calls her dad the sheriff and convinces him she's figured it all out. With warrant in hand he arrives with Colby the officer that Emma has a crush on. 
Once all is said and done the murderer is caught and arrested and Emma gets her chance with Colby.  
I completely enjoyed this little book.  It was short.  To the point and just a nice change.  It was fun to settle in for a few hours and read this fun story.  
Murder on Valentine's Days is book 2 in the Ridgeway Rescue Mysteries.  I look forward to catching up with book 1 and with reading more in this series.  
I received a complimentary copy. This review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 
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