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One Unforgettable Friday- Review-Goddess Fish Tours

About the book 
Lizzie York, a young paraplegic, has the chance to teach at a new school in Oldcastle. On a quest for independence, and to live alone, out from her brother’s watchful eye, she encounters discrimination from narrow-minded villagers. Toss into the mix: a school employee who sets her heart racing, a home of her own, and work she is passionate about.

Peter Barrington, a London solicitor, invests in Bright Academy. Having experienced pain and loss in his past, he became a workaholic. He now desires a quiet life in the country. He meets Lizzie, is immediately smitten, but respects her need for independence. As they work together, their mutual respect and love grows.

When someone hides in the woods and photographs them, Peter does everything in his power to protect Lizzie. But Lizzie is up for a fight. Will their love be strong enough to overcome hatred, and intent to harm, so they can forge a future together?

Read an excerpt
“Maybe he has a secret life? Doesn’t like women?” Sara said, keeping her voice low.

“You. Are. Kidding. Right?” Naomi leaned forward. “He’s so darn hot.” She fanned her face. “He’s every woman’s dream. Did anyone else notice that he
looks like Dev Patel’s older brother? If he had a brother.”

They all spoke over each other in whispered tones. Of course, many had observed his resemblance to the British born actor of Indian parents. She had too. “Shush,” Lizzie said, and frowned. “He might return, and well, it seems rude.”

Everyone snickered, but returned to their work. Lizzie glanced around the table; nobody had made much progress. When Peter left, she’d have to get tough with them. An old saying, things come in threes, popped into her mind. Good and bad.

This would be three weddings. All good. She hoped the nosey villagers would leave handsome Peter Barrington alone. She couldn’t bear to watch his wedding. Especially to a woman from the village. And that would start another round of three.

Were there even three single people left in Oldcastle?

And I thought
I loved this sweet short book.  I read it in only a few hours.  
It was one that once you start your into it and everything else falls by the wayside till your done reading. 

The characters are charming.  I did have a bit of a struggle with the first chapter I couldn't keep the characters straight.  
The story revolved around a wedding.  The ladies were all together making last minute decorations so a lot of girls were introduced in the first few pages. 
Once past that it was an easy and fun book to read. 

Robena Grant did an amazing job of sharing Lizzie's story.  
And allowing the reader a glimpse into the daily life and struggles of someone confined to a wheel chair. 
Lizzie had to make decisions about very personal things not only about her career but about her lifestyle. 
As the story unfolds we see all the plans and changes Lizzie has been making in her little world.  Her plan to take a teaching job is a surprise to her family.  And, she's moving out of the family home and buying a car. 
Then Mr. Wonderful walks into her life and she has to think about more than work and her living arrangements. 
As Lizzie and Peter grow closer to each other they realize that 
someone is taking photo's of them at Lizzie's new home.  A little suspense adds another dimension to the story which I really liked. 
I enjoyed the characters and I suspected which ones might have been introduced in the previous books.  
One Unforgettable Friday is book  in the English Village Series
it is a standalone no need to read the prior books.  
But it if you really enjoy a clean sweet romance you'll want to check out the series.  
There are a couple bedroom scenes that even my grandma would be o.k. with!  
This was a great book and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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