Monday, May 14, 2018

Death in an Englsih Cottage by Sara Rosett-Now Available on Audible

About the book 
It's spring in England, and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Austen television documentary. The unique opportunity also gives her the chance to explore a possible romance with Alex, the deliciously rumpled local scout.
Rumors of recently discovered Jane Austen letters stir up the production, but then tragedy strikes and a stranger dies in a fire in a village cottage. Soon it's evident that the fire wasn't an accident, but murder. The police investigation narrows to focus on the documentary crew.
Desperate to keep her job and help a friend under suspicion, Kate delves into the search for the identity of the stranger. What was the stranger's connection to the seemingly sleepy village? And who in the village is lying?

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Death in an English Cottage Audio Book
The second book in the Murder on Location series, Death in an English Cottage, is now out in audio at the e-bookstores listed below. It should load on more stores, like Kobo and Google Play, soon.
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