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My Every Breath by Brittney Sahin-Indie Sage PR Book Blast

About the book 
Businessman Cade King has fallen for the wrong woman. She’s the daughter of a hitman, and he’s the target.
After ten years of living in the shadow of the Irish mob, Gia Callaghan wants nothing more than to escape the darkness of her life. Her burning desire for answers about her past has her constantly plotting new ways to flee. When she comes face-to-face with the one man who might be able to help her, she’ll have to decide exactly how much his life is worth.
Cade King’s past is littered with questionable choices. He’s made more mistakes than he can count, but he vows to be a better man.
When he meets Gia, his structured life turns upside down, and he must decide whether he’s truly worthy of redemption. Can he protect a woman whose guard is even higher than his own, or will she end up saving him from himself?
As the tension and chemistry heat up between the two, they’ll discover that life isn’t always black and white.
A sizzling and suspenseful romance.

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I raise a glass to my lips and swallow the shot of whiskey, unable to take my eyes off of her, and it’s killing me that a woman like her—hell, any woman—should be living in fear.

When her eyes catch mine in the glass, she rips her gaze away.

“Please, be careful,” she says in a soft voice. “Rory doesn’t give up.”

“And neither do I.” My grip tightens around the glass as my other hand clenches into a fist in my lap, my eyes falling shut.

How has she dealt with the guy for ten years? Ten fucking years.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Her accent thickens. “I will get away from this life.”

And why don’t I believe her? Why do I feel like I’ll see a picture of her dead body on the front-page news someday?

The mob.

No getting out.

Not alive, at least.

My eyes open at the rustle of material. She’s lifting my blazer from her lap, holding it out to me, and I catch sight of the angel wings on the inside of her wrist as the jacket sleeve slides up a little.

I almost shut my eyes again as a memory—a recognition of some sort—tries to resurface. It’s like a thin veil has dropped over my mind, taunting me with only fragments, a puzzle to figure out.

“We’re here, Mr. King,” my driver says after opening the glass partition.

I had instructed him to park around the block from the location Gia gave me. Hopefully she won’t be noticed. And as far as we could tell, we didn’t have a tail.

But before she leaves, there’s something I still need to know. “How’d you get involved with Rory in the first place?” I finally take my jacket from her, and she reaches for the handle.

“My father,” she says before getting out and closing the door.

And it’s in that moment everything comes to me.

The memory of her from my past . . . it blankets my mind, wrapping around my head like a tight bandage. It cuts through me to my very soul, if I even have one.

“Jim, I need you to follow her and see what apartment she goes to. Don’t let anyone see you.”

I grab my cell from my pocket so I can call Jessica as soon as Jim has information.

I can’t be too late to help.

I need eyes on Gia. I need her safe. Alive.

I screwed up eight years ago. I can’t do it again. 

And I'm thinking
Still turning the pages and am likin' what I am reading.  My review will post soon!

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