Tuesday, September 3, 2019

13 Steps To The Cellar by Teresa Mathews-Blurb Blitz Tour-Goddess Fish Promo

About the book 
There were thirteen steps to the cellar. They were steep and they were narrow—but was a fall down them enough to have caused the twenty-seven deep lacerations to her aunt’s head?

Callie Harris travels from her home in Alabama to her aunt’s former mansion in Maine to unravel the haunting forty-year-old mystery of Dr. Laverne Harris Doss’ brutal death. 

Why wasn’t a murder weapon found? Was her uncle justly convicted of the killing? Was his mistress involved? Or was the murderer the bearded stranger rumored to have arrived by train that night? 

In the charming town of Richmond, located on the banks of Maine’s historic Kennebec River, Callie uncovers the community’s darkest secrets—a botched police investigation, a betrayed widow’s lie, a dead woman’s blackmail, and a wealthy philanthropist’s shame. The web of intrigue extends far beyond Callie's suspicions and its connection to her personal story pierces her to the core.

A man hovered over the crumpled body of the woman at the bottom of the cellar stairs. An awful, guttural sound forced its way up from deep in her lungs. A
cavernous head gash bled profusely, the blood pooling, forming a red halo around her auburn hair. Her glassy, fixed eyes looked up at Callie, pleading for help. I must
stop the bleeding, Callie cried. She hurried down the stairs, her feet heavy, her heart pounding. Why can’t I breathe? Why can’t I reach her? Why won’t my feet move
faster? She was only steps from her aunt when the grimacing man turned toward her, then looked back to Laverne and raised his hand for a final blow.

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    1. Rita, thank you for followIng the tour. I hope you've pre-ordered "13 Steps to the Cellar." Launch day is tomorrow!!

  2. What were your favorite types of books growing up?

    1. Hi Bernice, I think this will date me...but I loved Trixie Belsen and Nancy Drew! I read them all.

  3. MY RELEASE is tomorrow!! It's been a fun but long journey. You are my last stop before launch day. I appreciate you hosting "13 Steps to the Cellar." It is truly a special day to be on your blog! THANK YOU!